Buy Final Fantasy XIII For 5 Bucks

If you’re in Japan and have been waiting for the right moment to buy a copy of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII then now’s the time. Final Fantasy XIII’s Japanese release was six months ago and already the price for the game has been hugely discounted in some stores.

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qface643143d ago

man while i do not like the game i wouldn't pass it up for 5 little dollars

ActionBastard3143d ago

Agreed. I'll walk down a hallway for 40hrs for $5.

vhero3143d ago

Can anybody read the flyer though?? Is it really 5 bucks or does it say something else like trade in another game and get for 5 bucks.... People just read price who can't read Jap and assume its that price..

kindi_boy3142d ago

Thanks for the offer but I'll have to pass, not even for a 1$

ClownBelt3143d ago

I'll buy this game for $80 dollars easily.

Rai3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

The price for FF13 dropped real fast when it first came out in japan, but even this is kind of a surprise.

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The story is too old to be commented.