Altus reveals Trine 2

In an E3 promo email sent out today, Altus let slip that Trine 2 is currently in development. The above image confirms that FrozenByte will once again be developing the title. Altus says the game will be playable at their E3 booth, but we do not yet know which platforms Trine 2 will be released on…or any details for that matter.

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UnwanteDreamz3141d ago

First one was alright for the price. (Got it on sale) I might look into this one since I thought the first was fun.

NastyLeftHook3141d ago

cant wait forthis game, also wtf is up with the 6th archstone in ds?

Electronicpart3141d ago

Trine is really beautiful game with nice 2D art and music

Xof3141d ago

Yeah, it looks nice... but I didn't think it had much depth to it. Would much rather see a nice, current-gen version of, say, Odin Sphere.

jack_burt0n3141d ago

hope it has a platinum trophy again.

WildArmed3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Yeah, 15bucks for a plat! good deal! lol

I'm not sure where'd they take the story though.

Trroy3141d ago

One of the BEST games on PSN.

Day one purchase for me.

Stealth20k3141d ago

Yawn... were are the real atlus localizations....right.....the re arent any

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