Glimpse Dog : Mortal Online Review

There is a belief amongst many gamers that the MMO market has become boring and unoriginal in recent years, with a large portion of new additions being little more than WoW clones hoping to get a slice of Blizzards preverbial pie. So it certainly comes as a breath of fresh air to see companies such as Starvault come along, whose desire to create a dangerous and epic world where users are free to play as they so choose is more important to them than making a quick buck.

Now before I get into the guts of this review, it's worth noting that Starvault is NOT Blizzard, nor are they SOE or EA. They are a small indie company from the lovely country of Sweden. That being said, I'd warn potential customers not to compare Mortal Online to the big guns, as it really is not a fair comparison.

Mortal Online claims to be the spiritual successor to Ultima Online, a popular sandbox MMO from the late 1990s. This type of MMO is at a completely different end of the spectrum to line....

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