Voice Cast Of Shenmue Eager To Work On A Shenmue 3: Interview (

Irish Gaming Site writes:

"I’ve got a special one for you today, dear readers. Here’s a collection of interviews I conducted with some of the cast of both Shenmue 1 and 2, each of whom would be eagar to work on Shenmue 3 should the oppourtunity arise. Voice talent Paul Lucas added:

The way I see it, if enough fans want more, why not give it to ‘em!! But you’ve got to understand that the bottom line ($) is usually what drives these kinds of decisions. If the company doesn’t think it’d sell enough then they won’t do it. As for me, I’d LOVE to do a reprise of my buddies Lan Di & Chai!!


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NYC_Gamer3051d ago

sega can you please bring us Shenmue3 everyone wants to play the final chapter....