Rock Band 3 Just Handed The Competition a Can of Whoop @$$

Development of Rock Band 3 began immediately after the release of Rock Band 2 in September 2008. During that time we’ve seen eleven different Guitar Hero installments. Twelve if you include Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock to be released later this year.

Activision seems to be satisfied with over-saturating the rhythm game genre for the past 2-3 years while doing nothing to improve it in any of their twelve Guitar Hero games. What’s new in Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock? A quest mode that tells an “otherworldly tale, narrated by KISS front man Gene Simmons.” Seriously.

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FarEastOrient3105d ago

Keyboard sweet...

There goes another $200 for a single game :(

wwm0nkey3104d ago

too bad thats not the only feature they added.

qface643104d ago

i can't even fit the band kit they have now in my room adding another item in it lol woah that's a no fo rme but only because i lack the space

lol just wait for activision to reveal guitar hero 7 with keyboard and new guitar OMG they are innovating

koehler833104d ago

It sure did. Though it will likely be intimidating to the more casual among music game fans.

NYC_Gamer3104d ago

these music games are really bein thrown out like every couple of months...

chiwoo3104d ago

a keyboard ? i will just be picking up the game.

bobrea3104d ago

People still play these games?

Baka-akaB3104d ago

people still complain and believe they are cool doing it ?

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The story is too old to be commented.