Mortal Kombat Rebirth Movie Postmortem: Finish It!

Gaming Target writes:

"There hasn’t been this much excitement over a video since Neill Blomkamp’s Halo 3 short films. Unlike Halo, however, a new MK movie has a far greater chance of being made. The fan response is no doubt making waves at Warner Brothers, and the wheels are probably turning as we speak. If the film is approved, it is likely the cast will change but as my buddy Poondoggie says, “I don't think you bust out the Michael Jai White unless it's movie time.” Indeed, Tancharoen himself wants White as the movie’s lead."

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CobraKai3141d ago

I hope if Warner does buy it, it stays violent. As much as I love the older movies, i wanted real gory fatalities

Blacktric3141d ago

Finish that movie or else I'll finish all of you with mah special fatality.

Briefcase Joe3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

That was pretty funny. "It's a new special move. It's called Sexuality."

pody3141d ago


That was Hilarious! Bubbles get bubbles.

Reibooi3141d ago

The way I understand the interview they had with the director of the short he would not make the movie unless they allowed him to make it very R rated. He doesn't want it to be PG-13 like the original movies he wants it gory violent and he said it plans to include fatalities wherever possible.

Personally I am REALLY excited and hope they approve it and we get this movie and fast. It was a incredible short and it held ALOT of promise. If the movie got made and the entire thing was as good as this short was it would easily hands down be the best video game ever made.

pody3141d ago

The director wants it to be also. I dont think he will go trough with it if he will be held back from the studio.

I really want to see a true to the game movie of MK. With alot of blood, fatalites, gore, and awesome fights. I know he will do a more realistic version, but its sounds like he knows what he wants. And it sounds awesome!


CobraKai3141d ago

Even if the director wants a violent movie, it's in the hands of Warner to allow it.

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xJxdOggyStYLe3141d ago

i am one of the biggest mk fans out there, and the first mk movie....was pretty lame but still the best of the mk movies..the other mk movies MK short that they are tryin to get someone to pick up looks awesome, what mk is supposed to be. Not some techno mortal kombat song MORTTAALLL KOMMMBBBAAT....te te te te tesssst your might.... LOL nooooo they got that all wrong, a DARK, GORY, MURDEROUS, TWISTED, is what mortal kombat is supposed to be and thats what they did here, looks well done and i hope this gets made!

Dellis3141d ago

STRAIGHT TO DVD KOMBAT is was going to happen

Brewski0073141d ago

With the quality of that video and the fan reaction, WB should see $$ signs. If not it'll be picked up by someone else with any ounce of brains in their heads.

Gotta say reptiles background story and sequence looked awesome and that short fight scene was epic.

This HAS to be made.

The BS Police3141d ago

But I want to see this film happen, the short was awesome and I would pay to see this in theatres.

N4BmpS3141d ago

Mortal Kombat with Dark Knight inspiration realism, this is what I was talking about when I said when realism and fantasy are mixed well they can create magic/gold or what have you. I loved the short, they have my blessing as a fan.