PSP 2 and Go! at E3

The Playstation 3 is gaining steam as we roll right into E3. Tons of games have been announced already, and they still have the Move to talk about. But what about the PSP 2? And what about the future of the Go? Here is what Sony needs to do in order to become a powerhouse in the handheld market.

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AbyssGravelord3053d ago

Misleading title is misleading, it's just speculating what the PSP 2 should have not announcing it.

Brewski0073053d ago

Yeah very misleading, shouldnt have been approved with a title like that.

Just one more day left and then the fun begins. Gonna be a stellar week !!

karl3053d ago

i dont know why i open this article.. oh yeah.. the title.

Eazy-Eman3053d ago

I'll lmao if the PSP 2 isn't even announced

Chicago85063053d ago

Man, there's not going to be a PSP2 Announcement...
I truly doubt it.

In my opinion, it doesn't make sense...

PSPGO isn't even 1yrs. old...
There's already 3 series of PSP's on the market already..
Sony Announced a new PSP last E3 (PSPGO)...

It just doesn't make sense to me to flood the market with PSP's.

I think if there was ever going to be a would've been announced last E3 instead of the PSPGo..and possibly released late this year.

That's just my logical opinion...anyway..
Enjoy E3...and Game on!

Giant_Chibi3053d ago

Sure, but this situation is no different from Nintendo's.

Nintendo just announced the dsi xl last year, now they're announcing the 3ds.
So, really a psp2 announcement is still possible.

Chicago85063053d ago

I'm personally just not about to indulge on this kind of rumour.

I could be wrong...
but until Sony announces it...I'm not expecting a PSP2.

Lol..ya right though, Nintendo has so many DS's, I've lost track on how many they's MADNESS!

Enjoy E3 and Game on!

Aphe3053d ago

'Lol..ya right though, Nintendo has so many DS's, I've lost track on how many they's MADNESS!'

Yeah it's madness that there's 4 different types of ds and 4 different types of psp. Madness.

Next time you might want to count on your fingers if you can't remember such a big number in your head.

kfloydchicken3053d ago

NATAL will be cheap.
MS "leaked" the 150 price to "mind-condition" people.
So that when it comes out at $50
... people will think it's a steal.
(... of course there will be a lot of people who'll fall for it.)

EXID3053d ago

i just recently smashed my psp3000(via patapon 2 lol), but i don't know if i'd want a pspgo even with a price drop. i still have a few umd's that would be useless to me if i got it. the psp should have keep the umb port and added dual thumb sticks =/

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