Method Man and Redman Promotes Def Jam's RapStar

Travis of TGF writes:

"Well, if you listen to rap, I'm sure you know the legends, Method Man and Redman right? If you do, then the duo will be performing live at E3 2010 for the upcoming game, Def Jam's Rapstar. The event will take place at the Konami booth on Wednesday June 16th @ 4PM. The duo is also featured in the game and two of their hits, “How High” and “Da Rockwilder,” will be performed live."

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Al Bundy3149d ago

Will they be performing "How High"?

Blaze9293149d ago

you clearly couldn't take time out to read at least the description.

Hercules3149d ago

Another example of the "N4G In Real-Life" syndrome...

dangert123149d ago

i think this will fail imo the people who listen 2 these guys arean't they type to pick up a mic and spit for trophy's and achivements on the ps3/360 respectivly

-Ikon-3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Agree. Love me some red and meth but wont be buying this game. Anyone remember that game for ps2 had Jadakiss on the cover?

EDIT : I would like another Def Jam fighting game though. Fight for NY was a good game

Hercules3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

The ONLY reason I'm interested in this game, because the music genre is FAILING. I'm tired of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. DJ Hero was an UTTER fail with all its recycling of the same song (Hollaback Girl in three mixes?) As for the trophies and achievements things, I could care less. As long as the game is fun, and maybe some future DLC (free for sure), this could be a sleeper. Think of it as a cheap karaoke machine, but just for rap. We will see. Oh, and I get to meet Method Man...

Yeah, I remember that...maybe it wasn't executed right.. "Get On the Mic" I think...let's hope that they know what they are doing

washingmachine3149d ago

white kids all across america are happy

ingiomar3149d ago

i tought method man and redman where dead