Gameworld: Games are going 3D in wake of Hollywood's success

With 3D movies boosting both audience experiences and box office coffers, videogame publishers are following Hollywood's lead and developing 3D games to immerse players more into virtual worlds.

Game makers like Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Capcom, Take-Two Interactive, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will unveil stereoscopic 3D video games at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles next week where over 45,000 game industry professionals check out the big titles of the next year.

"Gamers are the early adopters and once they experience games in 3D, they're not going to want to go back," said Oscar-winning producer Jon Landau, who worked with Ubisoft last year to release the first 3D console video game, "James Cameron's Avatar."

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MysticStrummer3051d ago

This implies that no game company was working on 3D tech until Avatar became a hit. That's just silly. Even if Avatar was never made, 3D games and TVs would still be showing up now.

ChozenWoan3051d ago

With all of the 3D movies that's been coming out over the past couple of years, it was only a matter of time before games went 3D as well. Not to mention that some games where shown in 3D before Avatar even hit theaters.