Circuit de la Sarthe Confirmed in Latest GT5 Demo

An email sent from Sony to some of our French users confirms that Circuit de la Sarthe will be shown off in the Gran Turismo 5 demo running at the company’s track-side PS3 booth. Roughly translated, the last line reads, “Come see an ultra realistic virtual preview of the mythical track of the 24H of Mans!” Some of our friends at GT5rs will be in attendance at the race, so expect some fresh game-play footage this weekend!

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Bluforce_TAG3050d ago

5 days and finally we will know GT5. La Sarthe confirmed is a great news.

sinncross3050d ago

Yeah, I honestly expect a good GT5 info blowout at Sony's conference.

Cevapi883049d ago

might as well have Yamauchi drive out on to the stage in the SLS AMG and reveal the release date of GT5....i dont know if i could handle how bad ass that would be

ShinMaster3049d ago

That'd be an awesome idea and very bad ass indeed.

NastyLeftHook3049d ago

one of the best tracks you can drive on.

Persistantthug3049d ago

I don't even know what the heck Circuit de la Sarthe is, but I'm excited about it.


juniordee3049d ago

Has nothing to do with being american or a fanboy, you just don't follow racing that's all :P

Circuit de la Sarth is one of the most widely known circuits in the world, where they host the annual 24h du Sarthe.

Bellcross3049d ago

E3 can't come soon enough!

IRetrouk3049d ago

The one game I want above all others, nobody understands what this game means to me, i grew up with GT and no game has lived up to any of them, i dont even think there has been a better racing game out since GT 4.

nycredude3049d ago

When I first saw the title I thought Circus De Soleil confirm in GT5!? WTF! LOL.

cobraagent3049d ago

I mean come on Ciruit de La Sarthe
Circus de Soleil
They only have a Cir in common

clarkdef3049d ago

Sarthe baby oh yeah I want that demo! I hope its not the chicaned version straight because I wana go fulll throttle down the 6km straight.

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The story is too old to be commented.