PS3 3D Blu Ray Update Dated

TheSixthAxis writes:
3D. 3D. 3D. Sony's right behind it, pushing out 3D games left, right and centre; but they're also right on top of 3D movies, too, although the PlayStation 3 isn't quite ready for 3D Blu-rays just yet.

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WildArmed3143d ago

September or not.
It better be more than JUST a 3d update.
Because 3D doesn't apply to more than 90% of the PS3 owners.
I hope we get more than just another feature I can't use :(
I'm mainly looking at voice messaging or x-game voice chat..
but voice msging is all i need.
I dont think I'll use x-game voice chat at all personally.

chester3143d ago

the reason i enjoyed 3D movies that were well done was because of the size of the movie screen that I was watching them on. watching avatar on an imax screen was amazing because I was engulfed in the 3D. the reason I'm skeptical about 3D gaming and 3D blu-ray is that the immersion is gone unless my face is pressed up against the television. i'll give it a try at some point at a friends house or something, and i'll try to keep an open mind in the meantime, but for now i'm not going to go crazy for 3D.

TrailerParkSupervisr3143d ago

but it really depends on your screen size. I have a 60" DLP 3-D ready tv. My recliner is 6 feet, dead center. I think it should be pretty decent.

chester3143d ago

yeah, that'll probably do it. i live in a condo, i don't have alot of room for a 60'' tv. my 42'' aquos is a beautiful fit and is as big as i can go right now. i have to sit on the couch about 8 feet away, so that's another reason i guess i'm skeptical.

Mista T3143d ago

yeah, but remember that was in a big a** movie theater, now you'll be getting 3d in your living room, and the size of the screen needed is way smaller

DaTruth3143d ago

I was really impressed with Avatar 3D, but I wasn't so impressed with Monsters vs. Aliens in the store on the television. Maybe it's because it wasn't dark or I just didn't watch enough. It seemed to have inner depth but no pop out depth and it only seemed to affect a few scenes.

Definitely not giving up on it yet! I will wait for Avatar on the screen and GT5 for my decision. I have a feeling I won't be disappointed!

BeastModeYMOB3143d ago

I need someone to tell me why did my bloody valentine get 3D on BD but others haven't. Is it because the 3D on that movie isn't "real 3D" or what? I'm lost.

WildArmed3143d ago

I don't know the details, but from what I understand, anything to do with red and blue aren't real 3d.
They are polarized images that are filtered through your polarized glasses.
It's supposed to be different with the 1.4 HDMI or w/e.

but again, i dont know the specifics.

blumatt3143d ago

It's probably like Journey to the Center of the Earth (the one with Brandon Fraser). It came with four pairs of red/blue glasses and had a 3d version and 2d version on the bluray. Of course, it's the crappy version of 3d, not the Real 3D that's the new standard. I was at Best Buy the other day and I got to demo Monsters v Aliens with the real shutter glasses and I was very impressed. Once 3D goes mainstream, it's going to be great!

aryan_irani3143d ago

blu ray movies + 3D = mind blown

CobraKai3143d ago

Will I have to re-buy my movies in 3D? If I do I hope they have a trade in program because my Blu Ray collection are only those huge special FX driven blockbusters worthy of being in HD and now 3D.

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The story is too old to be commented.