Motorstorm: Apocalypse exclusive video interview

Eurogamer Portugal published an exclusive video interview with Paul Rustchynsky, MotorStorm: Apocalypse lead designer.

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diefor3053d ago

Paul talks about 1080p in Motorstorm: Apocalypse.

krisq3053d ago

we can expect 3D in 720p then. Excellent!

TotalPS3Fanboy3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Sony developers goes to 11. LOL.

Raf1k13053d ago

He said they'd be supporting 720p and 1080p so I guess we can assume it'll be 1080p normal and 720p 3D though he doesn't say anything about 3D.

krisq3053d ago

I think 3D in MS3 is pretty much a done deal.

remanutd553047d ago

i have played Motorstorm Apocalypse in 3D , WOW!!!!! really really impressive !!

Lionhead3053d ago

Oh my god

This got my even more excited ^_^

alphakennybody3053d ago

nice interview, ROOF TO ROOF RACING?!?! I'm even more pumped!

HolyOrangeCows3053d ago

Glad to hear it has splitscreen for online play. That seems to be added to games less and less these days.

ethan3053d ago

Really sounding great so far. Can't wait to see some gameplay video.

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