Five glaring issues that would otherwise make ModNation perfect

ModNation offers players a unique experience, creating and sharing their own personalized karts, tracks and characters. This experience is not without flaw though. The game’s power-ups, long load times, brutal difficulty and must of an online connection, can make ModNation more frustrating than it really should be.

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wiggles3141d ago

As of right now Issue #5 is a definite if your ISP is Verizon.The others are good-shaky or so other people say in the forums...but if your ISP is Verizon you should wait for the appropriate patch to fix it.

talltony3140d ago

I didn't have an issue with the difficulty and I literally just finished the career 100% coming in first in every race and completing all the challenges. I rarely had a
problem with difficulty.

Dramscus3141d ago

What a terribly stupid list.

I've not had any problems with using power up, the difficulty, the load times (which are greatly exaggerated frankly), the install which most games have, the unlock-able items (I guess thay can be a minor minor bother but um LBP has them, no every game has unlockables this guys a tool), and the online required well no just no it's not. It's required to share your creations and have new content but who expects otherwise. Does he want magic fairies to fly in and zap new tracks onto his ps3.
Just stupid.

chester3140d ago

respectfully disagree with you on a couple points. first off, the load times, at least personally, i find to be brutal for two reasons. first off, they are long. i usually count off 45 seconds between loading and pre-race. the second point on that is that the loading screen is one single fact or tip and picture that doesn't change for the entire time so it becomes a stagnant experience.
secondly, i think online is pretty much a necessity. racing people is much more fun, and this is a play.create.share. title which takes away a solid 1/3rd of this endeavor which is fun and important to keeping the game fresh.

i really enjoy the racing in the game. i think the power ups are fine and the control is fantastic. but there are a couple issues, for me at least, that keep it from being perfect.

Jason1433140d ago

I have this on psp and its flawless. difficulty is high up there if I had to find a gripe.

FunAndGun3140d ago

Awesome game, lots of fun. The load times do suck, but I'm still playin it!

gtamike3140d ago

deathmatch on a twisted metal 2 or black map :D

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The story is too old to be commented.