The Oblivion Project: Part One - Is Oblivion Still a Great Game?

I’m going to attempt to play through The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion with no modifications to its core gameplay, while comparing how I felt about it back when it first came out. This will hopefully show me how it holds up now.

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NumeroUno3052d ago

Oblivion is still fun. The AI gets stale after awhile but the quests are still awesome. The worst thing about replaying it so much? You pretty much know all the quests and what's going to happen.

pat_11_53052d ago

I remember playing the first elder scrolls on Xbox for a ridiculous amount of time. For some reason I could never get into oblivion, I think it's probably because, to me anyways, it was the same game just with better graphics.

DarkSpawnClone3052d ago

No its still awesome But i want a new Elder scrolls !! i hope its announced this year and for 2010 release! oblivion was great but i hated closing those damn gates that got boring and i hated doing it wish the didn't have as many as they did in the game would of been better imo.

pat_11_53052d ago

If it gets announced it probably will still be a ways off. I'm considering going back and playing it. I still have a copy, and I never really gave it a chance before..

pat_11_53051d ago

I'm wondering if a new Elder Scrolls will be announced at e3, I saw some news about a giant dinosaur at Bethesda's booth. Elder Scrolls dinosaur land?

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