10 Things You Need To Know About MotorStorm Apocalypse

GamerZines negotiate the cracked streets and crumbling skyscrapers to bring you everything you need to know about the latest MotorStorm!

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sikbeta3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

This is All the People interested in MotorStorm:Apocaylpe need to Know:

* Sixteen player online multiplayer.
* Four player split-screen.
* Combinations of the two. Play with three friends in the living room against 12 more online.
* Massive vehicle customisation. Change vinyls, vehicle parts, vehicle shapes and more. Upload them to the community site and share them with others. They automatically work on all vehicle types, and include your PSN ID.
* Vehicle perks. Modify your handling, boosting and offensive abilities as you unlock new perks.
* A wealth of rankings to progess through online with associated rewards and recognition.
* Stacks of online rewards to earn and persistent progress giving the most determined and successful racers the status and recognition they deserve.
* Persistent matchmaking. Keep your party together throughout your gaming session.
* A Game Mode Creator. From a completely blank canvas you can design your own game rules and victory conditions, play them online, and incorporate them into tournaments.

TotalPS3Fanboy3050d ago

Sony developers are taking everything to the next level!!!

thor3051d ago

Vehicle perks are the only thing I am concerned about. Expert players always move faster anyway, without needing to be given a boost. In fact I always thought the whole perk system was arse-backwards.

Mr Tretton3051d ago

This is going to be badass!!!

xabmol3051d ago

"insane skyscraper-to-skyscraper races" O_O

"headlights lighting the way as you weave between smouldering wrecks in underground car parks" =O

"You can make bets with rivals online" >8]

"There's a Game Mode Creator" :D

"MotorStorm Apocalypse launches on PlayStation 3 in 2011" :,(

Hazmat133051d ago

soo much to take in. lol ive a big Motorstorm fan when i see the pic i was a bit carefull but now im for it! i hope they get deeep voice guy that always intro the MS MV an PR not that dude from the AE game he sucked also wil we see a trailer soon?