MotorStorm Apocalypse was in development at the same time as Pacific Rift

MotorStorm Apocalypse has been in development for a lot longer than you may have expected, with Evolution Studios' Paul Rustchynsky telling GamerZines that the studio was able to "develop this in conjunction with Pacific Rift".

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voice_of_ reason3051d ago

I loved the first Motorstorm. However, Pacific Rift just didn't do it of me.

"We've pushed the engine so much further and we haven't cut anything back. It's sixteen-player racing in massive environments, but we've got the earthquake on top of that and we've got the warring factions in there as well, so we're just layering more and more on top."

Looks like I'm already sold on Motorstorm 3!! Can't wait to see how far along this game/engine has come. E3 is going to be awesome.

Sunny_D3050d ago

Bu Bu but I thought Blaze said Motorstorm 3 was copying Split/second!!!!!!!1111

thief3051d ago

Motorstorm 2 was a big improvement over 1 - splitscreen, graphics, more varied environments - but this looks monstrous. The best thing is the story mode will show the city getting destroyed bit by bit, so the race environments will keep changing. Fascinating.

TheJudgement3050d ago

First MS was a turn off with no Split and the loading. It looks like they got the multiplayer right this time but wondering how the game will be I hate games that take forever to load takes me out of my excitement for the game especially when most of the games I play this gen are seamless experiences with no loading.