5 Reasons Why 360 Will Still Be With Us In 2014

NG: Think the current Microsoft console is nearing the end of its life? Think again...

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Feckles3050d ago

Four more years of 360? Impossible. Even the next Nintendo home console will outstrip it for power. Cliffy B would never approve…

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Hallmark Moment3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

So trying to make sense of your comment you are saying that Microsoft will simply stop support of the 360 in 4 years? There may be a new 360 out in 2014 or not, doesn't mean the 360 will not be supported by Microsoft in the future. The Xbox didn't have any market share and no real standing with developer support so they started over with the 360, this generation is not even close to the same situation. After Natal has been on the market for a couple of years the 360 will be PS2-like in sales, support and developer standing. Fullbody motion will allow 360/Natal to share a new demographic/market with no other competitor.

soxfan20053050d ago

The original Xbox was supported for 7 years, even though MS stopped making them after 4 years. Xbox was introduced in 2001, and it's last game - Madden 09 - was released in 2008.

With 360 still going strong after nearly 5 years, and with some of the biggest exclusives still to come, 360 will EASILY have a 10 year life cycle.

raztad3050d ago

I'm gonna voice my opinion hope xbox guys dont take my bubbles for no reason. BUT xbox 360 staying as the only MS console till 2014 would be a serious drag for the industry. I'm all for a ten year plan but MS should release another console in the mid term, 2012 max I'd say. Dont care if it is 10x more powerful than the PS3, I prefer devels have higher standard to follow than lower ones.

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mrv3213050d ago

But will Microsoft drop all support when the next xbox comes out.

I give Natal 2 years before the next xbox is released.

Halo? So it sold, doesn't mean the console will last, ok then by the math then the NES should have lasted around 30 years... right? Super Mario Bros sold 40 million after all which is roughly 3 times as long as Halo. Plus the NES had gimmicked motion stuff. Also Wii play SOLD 28 million which is more than Halo 3 so how long until a article regarding the Wii lasting until 2020?

Natal will attract a new audience who according the sales of certain games and many articles DON'T BUY GAMES unless they have Wii in the title.

Xbox 360 slim because after the launch of the 360 I'm not going to wait for the Slim jasper unit to feel comfortable in a Microsoft product.

Omega43050d ago

Natal and the Slim are the main reasons the 360 will be around for a lot longer, MS won't drop the 360 like the Xbox because its been far too successful to not keep selling it.

Plus the Natal and 360 bundle will likely be $299 which means they will have plenty of space for pricecuts to boost sales all over again.

dirthurts3050d ago

Until a new more powerful console hits the market.

Nike3050d ago

They had me till "Think".

NumeroUno3050d ago

2014? Eh, I think that's pushing it a bit.

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The story is too old to be commented.