Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Event Pics

The pics are from the Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Event. I believe these pics are still being updated, so check the link several times to see more stuff.

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Antan5412d ago (Edited 5412d ago )

Metal Gear Online announced for PS3, along with on stage demonstration.

"The level is a broken city, but not dusty like MGS4; more dark dirt and pale grey concrete -- it's a completely war torn city. Graphics looks on a similar level to MSG4, probably the same engine.

There's also a way to scan your enemies information and steal it from them. If you can hold them for a certain amount of time,
you get the same vision you have for your teammates, for your enemies as well. They pulse orange while your friends pulse blue
so you can see all your enemies wherever they are, even thru walls, etc.

It looks like each character. has different skills. This player has 'scanning lv 1', 'asslt r mastery 1', 'and CQC mastery 1'. They will start the beta test for MGS, a closed beta test, 3,000 people. Stars July 24th and ends August 6th."

15 min MGS4 gameplay video due for release tonight.

gaffyh5412d ago

yeah, pretty cool, 16 player online

psychotic_duck5412d ago

The Beta appears to be only for Japan. I've checked the Kojima Productions site and the English version has no mention of a public Beta, while the Japanese site has an option to sign up.

It's not that easy though. We all know how easy it is to get a Japanese PSN account. What the Beta requires of you is a Konami account, something available to you apparently only in Japan. For confirmation of entry to the Beta you will be contacted by mail/telephone (from what I deduce) and that apparently can only be Japan.

I still have hope however, that when I wake up, the English site will also offer an opportunity to enter the Beta. :(

Vojkan5412d ago

So this is in a way SOcCOM online only while we waith for real SOCCOM 4, at least it seems like similar strategy.

psychotic_duck5412d ago

Have you ever played the original MGO?

exiled_heart5412d ago

everyone check kojima productions ur not going to

Believe WHO has just returned to the series its .......

BlackTigea5411d ago

who could be it be, sorry for me being lazy and all... Ahh spoil it for us would ya ? thanks