FIFA 08 - 5 Reasons Why This Could be Something Special

1) Never see the same dribble animation twice

FIFA's animation system is "organic," with foot-to-ball contact calculated on-the-fly, depending on your speed, position and player skill - use prods and pokes of the stick to create unique dribble styles or string together signature tricks from the likes of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or Rooney.

2) Improved ball physics

You'll no longer be able to leather the ball goalwards with the tap of a button as wind resistance, opposing pressure and even air pressure will determine where the ball goes. Each touch of the pad will prompt different ball-to-foot interactions, subject to an almost infinite number of variables - for example, when passing, you'll have to consider wind direction, the size and weight of the ball and the mental state of the player. Hmmm, sounds a bit complex to us…

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CG5422d ago

EA always comes out with these new gimmicky features every year but pro evolution soccer always end up destroying fifa.
We all know its going to be the same story with the next version and so on.

DiLeCtioN5422d ago

am only picking you up because you're the first football game out...when PES 7 is released you wont see light again lol

Itachi5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

shorts look like skirts
The emirates stadium hasnt been updated
another rush job by EA again

RBlaze5421d ago

Pro evo 6 was a bit of a dissappointment to me. It felt rushed and some aspects were VERY annoying. It did seem as if Fifa was coming close to pro evo last time around. But, then again, if they make Pro evo without rushing it making it feel, and bring back the customisation during masterleague, then Pro Evo will hold its crown.

Itachi5421d ago

Pro evo 2008 has been in development for over 2 years its a new match engine evrything has been much better with new AI and physics

And yes even konami admit that por evo6 was rushed for 360 the new PES will be a completely different game to the pes6 on xbox360

JoeD5421d ago

this game is going to kick you all in the balls...hard.