Could MGS: Rising be a timed exclusive for the 360?

Early this morning, the Xbox Live listing on the Marketplace for Metal Gear Solid: Rising was updated to apparently show the game's box art. This has caused some spectulation as to whether Rising might be a 360 Timed Exclusive.

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Milky3055d ago

I doubt it. Its just Microsoft trying to associate itself with MGS.

TROLL EATER3055d ago

well two ms business men were seen wiv hideo kojima. anything is possible

knight6263055d ago

looks like M$ doesnt have nothing for E3 so they going for timed exclusives

blusoops3055d ago

wasn't the announcement for Lost Planet 2 made on XBL also???
Was that a timed exclusive for MS??
The answer is no.

tehReaper3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Oh yeah, knight626, I'm sure the entire Microsoft conference is based solely upon timed exclusives. Microsoft apparently has nothing since they haven't released anything prior to E3. I mean, Microsoft ALWAYS releases their announcements before E3. Microsoft never has anything to show at E3.



Christopher3055d ago

Yeah, don't really see how this matters overall. Is the game going out to both 360 and PS3? Yeah? Okay, then I'll play it on my platform of preference when I can.

IdleLeeSiuLung3055d ago

It will be on both platforms!

Now over to something more important, what is up with the back shoot? In MGS4 you always stared at Snake's @ss in thight clothing. Do we really need to repeat that?

SixZeroFour3055d ago

you're DOESNT have NOTHING for e3...i get what you're saying *wink wink*

mikeslemonade3055d ago

This game is going to turn out like Final Fantasy XIII. It's going to be advertised more on 360, it's going to sell more on PS3, it probably will be on two disc on 360, and the game is going to score an average of 8.5.

Ahmay3055d ago

kojima seemed more excited being at 1 conferrence over the other.

xDaRkModEx3054d ago

I wouldn't be surprised.

DarkCowMoo3054d ago

it's amazing that TROLL EATER says something that is totally possible without any troll against the PS3 everyone DISAGREE but when KNIGHT626 trolls the XBOX360 everyone agree?

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KS19853055d ago

Anwser: When is Peace Walker coming out again?

raztad3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I surely hope MGS:R is not a timed exclusive for any system. In the end timed exclusivity ends up hurting the sales in the shafted console.

I'm so buying Peace Walker. I refreshed my PSP 3000, had it stuck with CFW, now it is upgraded to OFW 6.20. So slick. Playing the PW demo, loving it, controls, CQC, visuals are awesome.

Naked Snake > Solid >> Raiden

ThanatosDMC3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

I've been playing Peace Walker for hours on end... and WOW, i cant believe it's a PSP game.

They really want a "Metal Gear" game on the 360.

blue7xx73055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Exactly they do this with every single game so I don't see why this website is thinking it will be timed exclusive. Just because they show it off on Xbox live doesn't mean it will be exclusive LMAO at this website.

They show off every single multiplatform game off on Xbox live examples being Modern Warfare 2 and FF13 and plenty other multiplatform games. They announced it for the PS3 already so they can't just go multiplatform to timed exclusive once they have announced it for 2 platforms.

evilmonkey5013054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

I just saw the modern warfare 2 map pack commercial, I almost gagged on my dinner .Microsoft said this map pack is only available on the xbox.
Furthermore the wording of the commercial led you to believe that the WHOLE GAME is exclusive when in reality, it isn't. It isn't even partially exclusive. It really opened my eyes to those trixies over at Microsoft. THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO SELL AN XBOX. EVEN LIE ON TV AND MAKE BS CLAIMS. Even my wife was like wtf...You play that game EVERYDAY on your ps3. That's false advertising. I get the point of their timed exclusivity. It allows them to market like its a first party exclusive when it isnt.

Microsoft Xbox 3603055d ago

Who cares. It's just a spin off.

Greywulf3055d ago Show
tinybigman3055d ago

If it somehow does become timed I'm still getting the ps3 version. But we all know it won't.

UltimateIdiot9113055d ago

I don't see how MS, Konami, fans, and consumers will benefit from a time exclusive. In fact, I see it hurting them. Most MGS fans are not that excited for Rising as they are for Peace Walker or MGS4. These fans are primary PS owners.

Many games tend to sell well during the first few weeks. What we learn from a lot of time exclusive is that the release on the second console tends to not do as well as the first console. People get tired of waiting, see reviews, spoilers, etc.

Now, if the reviews come in and will be judge harshly by MGS fans. If it's not to their liking, they lose the sales from the PS3 later release.

If it comes out on both consoles at the same time, then the likelihood of MGS fans to buy the game on impulse and hype is higher.

Eamon3055d ago

If it's timed exclusive that's not good for PS3 owners.

And I don't think it would be a good business move for Konami. Most MGS fans would have a PS3 since they would want to play MGS4.

And Metal Gear franchise has A LOT of fans.

Vinster3054d ago

Agreed, I have both systems and MGS will be on my PS3 no matter when it comes out. I just prefer it on the PS3. I have other games lined up to buy for the 360 anyway.


Its this the big MS anouncement?? Is this the way of wining the console war paying millions for two or three months of exclusivity?? Go ahead Konami We could wait a little beacause we PS3 gamers are going to be busy playing all the PS3 exclusives that are taking the net by storm. Way to Go MS!!!! Thats why I dont care about anything except Gears on my 360...

OHH BTW... I think that M$ have paid millions to Square to make Kingdom Hearts multiplatform, time exclusive or even exclusive to the 360. They said they were hunting PLAYSTATION franchises so this wouldnt surprise me. Remember I said it first, so when I commented that I dont care for KHearts on 360 dont call me fanboy...LOL!!!!!!!!

Peace and gaming!!!!!!

solidt123055d ago

It could be. That's the only thing Microsoft knows how to do. They don't have the 1st party support SONY has.

vhero3055d ago

They get box art and now it might be timed exclusive.... Where the heck do they get from point A to point B there?? My god there logic is seriously outstanding!

GenghisKhan3055d ago

then you would have bought Peace Walker by now.. only on Playstation Portable.

these POS rising is for poser bots who do not even know Metal Gear's story line.

Campy da Camper3055d ago

Raiden irritates the crap out of me.

Kleptic3054d ago

they tried really hard in MGS4 to make him awesome...but it didn't work for me...i'll never forget an hour or so into MGS2 what happened...its permanently imprinted on me...Raiden will always be a douche imo...

aceitman3055d ago

it was timed exclusive ms would have thrown it in sonys face by now

karl3055d ago

i think they would keep that a secret until E3

darkdoom30003054d ago

dout it. Kojima wouldn't piss off his fans, most of them do own a ps3.

Jaces3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Timed exclusives are a joke, seriously. Anyway I doubt it, wouldn't be surprised though if MS managed it somehow. I'll wait for my PS3 copy if it did go TE, I didn't wait for GTA: Liberty City Stories and look what happened.

xJxdOggyStYLe3054d ago

this game will = the sux cuz msoft will have it for a year before sony gets it sux.....cuz its on will just drag it down on ps3 so its better that it b on ps3..cuz...msoft sux..and ps3 rules..and if its timed who cares cuz msoft has nothing for e3 so they gotat do timed exclusive so while losers on xbox have had this game for a year beat it over over...ps3 fas can just wait ....and wait....and wait..but in a year we will get it..power of th3 cell......*sarcasim*...son fanboys crack me up...this is like the war u live n die for....funny to come on here and read you tools arguing about video game "Wars" and your system loyalty its good to own every system since 8 bit nintendo...and get ne game u want ;) .....

gtamike3054d ago

metal gear solid raiden

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Hellsvacancy3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Who cares (i know sum simplistic people will)

Itll more then likely b a rental unless im blown away by it (which i dont think is goin 2 happen now do u)

WildArmed3055d ago

At this point, I totally agree with you.
I'm a HUGE MGS fan. (MGS4 is the top game this GEN!)

But, I've seen NOTHING from MGS:R..
No screenshots or gameplay vids.
So i wonder how well this game's development is going.

Show me something to get excited about (and it doesn't take much with an established franchise like MG).

Idk how people can get sooo excited about that box art when they've seen nothing about the game itself.

Dlacy13g3055d ago

I am betting dollars that you were all kinds of pumped for MGS4 when all you had seen was the 1st trailer and box art too!

And if you really are the HUGE MGS fan you claim to be then you would be totally pumped for more MGS.

But alas, I think possibly you are more a Sony fanboy than MGS and since this is now coming to 360 you are jaded and angry and thus now down playing MGS:R.

Xander7563055d ago

Just like how everybody started saying how FFXIII sucked and that Versus was going to be the "real" FFXIII after it was announced that was coming to 360. One has to wonder what they would say if Versus gets ported too.

Pennywise3055d ago

Xander... XIII DID suck. I don't think that had anything to do with the 360 port. The game sucked... It was beautiful(ps3), but boring as could be. I couldn't make it past 10 hours, which were forced hours.

I don't care if VS is ported or not. It will have the same differences XIII, but hopefully it will be fun.

The Wood3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago ) conspiracy about that. Gimped games will always upset a faction. Its just unbelievable that 'SOME' people actually need proof or more devs to say these things for SOME' to believe a game could be gimped.

Fact is MGS is NOT MGR...It may turn out to be stella and if so ill buy it BUT it is still a spin off. IF 'those' guys wanted a real MGS so bad, they'd buy a playstation and they wouldnt be b!tchin about cutscenes and whatnot....see what i did there so yeah It does go both ways doesn't it

WildArmed3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )


Actually, since I'm a MGS, i noticed something that changed alot of things.

'Lightning Bolt Action'

Wtf? Excatly.

now it may be EASIER for you comprehend why I'm hating on it if you label me as a fanboy. That's fine.
And i said MGS FAN, not FANBOY.
The point being, I won't sit around and nod my head if they made MGS Itouch. because we all know how great of a game that was..
and how great MGS: Ac!d was.
I never said the MGS franchise was perfect (which you assume).
I hated the concept of MGS Ac!d and the itouch MGS.
and they sucked.

And since i own a 360 and alot of games on it, u can go ahead and call me 360 fanboy, it wouldn't be the first time I"ve been called that either. Now, go ahead and QQ.

for the record, i loved FF13... Idk, felt like a pretty good experience to me.

Oh, btw I didn't know MGS franchise existed until 2007, SO gameplay videos were out before I even tried it. I picked up MGS3 in 07.. then followed on through with the series.

hence your point fails again.

Feel free to take up this topic with me anytime.

Dlacy13g3055d ago

Ok, ok... you made some valid points, and I will go so far as to apologize for the fanboy label I teased. Dont hate me for it, its just that fanboys of the extreme type seem to run the halls of N4G these days.

I will say this in response to your first post here where you complained about no screen shots, no vids, nothing so far, etc...

Lets not forget, this game was just announced last E3. I doubt this game is seeing the light of day anytime before next E3 to be honest.

So being the big fan of MGS you are, I would expect you to say I am excited to see what they show off at you know you will finally see something.

IF this E3 had come and gone with nothing then sure..time to worry. But its been just one year and we should all be expecting to see something this E3.

It's ok to get excited about something you have no idea about other than a cryptic trailer and box art when the guys making the game have a track record like they do.

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GWAVE3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I wouldn't be surpised, and as a consequence the Western media will go berserk with 10/10 scores and say "Ohhhh GAAAAAWD! Reidaan iz so awsum!!!" Yet, it will have a fraction of the content of MSG4. It will have a fraction of the storyline of MGS4.

Such is modern gaming journalism.

@ below

My understanding is that Rising is NOT a sequel. It's a spin-off. Kojima made it clear that his baby was Peace Walker, not Rising. Rising is being handled by Konami's B-Team, the same that made Metal Gear: Ac!d.

Al Bundy3055d ago

Now that's what really worries me. If it's on one DVD then it will be a seriously dumbed down MGS. I know it's a spin off but I still want a good MGS game. I will feel better if the Xbox version is on at least 4 DVDs. MGS4 is a masterpiece and it took up pretty much the whole Blu-Ray so there is no way they can make Rising that good with 1 DVD. Sequels are supposed to be a step forward, not 5 steps backwards.

falviousuk3055d ago

still trolling away, soon as we can get rid of people like you from N4G, what a better place this will be for real gamers to discuss gaming in a nicer calmer fashion without all the zealots spouting all their usual crap

zoks3103055d ago

Kojima wont allow that to happen, the man is very passionate about his work, and from my perspective Konami and M$ could not pay him enough just so they can use his life long work just to make M$ look good.

I remember when he did not want EGM to say something or do something to MGS3 in their review, so he boycotted them from reviewing his game, I can't remember the exact details but it's something along those lines. He will go out of his way to make sure publishers respect his work and himself.

He is too dedicated to the series and his fans and we all know where 100% of the fans are (PlayStation), Kojima wont sell out.

ape0073055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

the western media DID go berserk and so does gamers about metal gear solid 4, also the western media went berserk about super mario galaxy 2 look

@Al bundy, man you make me laugh look at mass effect 2, red dead redemption and FFXIII on 360, all games gonna fit don't worry, on 1 disk or on many, it's always gonna be one blu-ray for ps3

red dead is one of the most epic games ever in quality and quantity, it's on dvd, infamous is on blu-ray and it's no where near red dead in terms of size,gfx,physics, lol now I can safly say (according to your view) that in order to make infamous 2 huge is to put it on dvd 9 like red dead , lol learn the facts please, Developers make or break, look at resi5, good game yes but resi4 was miles better, the developer skill is what matters, the xbox 360 and ps3 are about the same in term of power, there's absolutely no evidence yet of xbox 360 limiting devs, rage will be huge and so is crysis 2, I hope you get out of this cycle man

Al Bundy3055d ago

Red Dead is awesome but let's be honest, it's huge but it's just a big wide open empty space. If it had buildings and civilization it would have had to be just as small as GTA4. The other 2 games you mentioned, Mass Effect 2 and FF13, had much going on it took multiple discs. Think before you type.

The Wood3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

RDR is a vast hollow. Trying to populate something like that with the detail of gta would of probably resulted in an additional disk. Just look at the content of the old gta's and imagine that with the gta4 engine and you'll see where we're coming from. If everything could fit then dvd would be fine but its not for the games that require more data than those like oblivion that reuse so much from voices to textures. Lets at least agree on that my friend.

Another thing is most of sony's exclusives go over what dvd<9 can hold so you have to think what would have to be cut for a game to fit. MS charged for additional disks (not sure about now) so why would a dev force the issue when they could release a game and get more money.

MysticStrummer3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Riiight... no evidence except for the devs who say they cut content for everyone so the 360 could play their game. If you don't admit this... well... I don't care really. On topic - I don't care about that either. Raiden is the anti-Snake no matter how much you cyborg him up.

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callahan093055d ago

Why would the marketplace having "Rising" box art imply that it would be a 360 timed exclusive? PSN doesn't have an area where they post retail game box art and so forth, so of course it isn't on PSN anywhere. The littlest things cause "game journalists" to jump to the wildest conclusions, it seems.

Chris3993055d ago

I've come across, not one, but TWO sensible posts of yours today! How dare you?!!! In the interest of maintaining the delicate ecosytem here on N4G (a he-said/ she said circle-jerk of bullshit-journalism and PR prattle spoon-fed to the groveling, doglike fanboy masses and regurgitated into senseless arguments - an orgy of bad taste and juvenile delights), I'd have to ask that you simply stop this foolish behavior and take your "sense" elsewhere thank-you!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some screen-shot comparisons and 3D t.v. threads that I have to go troll.

/ s

Really though, this place has gone to Hell in a hand-basket with the absence of an open zone. Bubbles and all that.

solidjun53055d ago

one image and boom, create a story. Speculative journalism at its finest folks.

WildArmed3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Since Lost PLanet 2 was announced on 360.. (remember that video?)
it must be a 360 exclusive.. if not exclusive, it must be a timed exclusive..
if not that it'll have exclusive DLC!

oh darn o_O
look at that.. it's already out on both platforms.

Al Bundy3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Why would Konami do that? We all know Rising will sell twice as much on the PS3.


Don't you think MS should spend that money on 1st party development instead?

Xander7563055d ago

While that's probably true Microsoft does have a track record of paying large sums of money for timed exclusivity which might still make it worth it for them.

GWAVE3055d ago

Didn't Microsoft lose money on their GTA4 DLC deal?

I just don't understand what you mean when you say "might still make it worth it for them". Other than fanboy bragging rights, Microsoft timed exclusive deals have never worked out as a major advantage.

keysy4203055d ago

because they don tplan on really being in the industr m$ is just trying to get as much money as they can and if that doesnt work out you can bet your bottom dollar that they cancel xbox. there entertainment division doesnt really make them money

Xander7563055d ago

GWAVE, I meant make it worth it for Konami and Kojima to do so, not MS. Yeah they lost money.