Battlefield 3/Bad Company 3 To Not Be Revealed At E3?

EA have just revealed their E3 line-up, and while everything looks solid, a notable franchise is missing from the list.

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ipwnall3142d ago

I think it'll just be a surprise announcement. Along with Rockband 3. Should be a good E3.

WildArmed3142d ago

I wouldn't blame them if they hold this one back.
We just got a Battlefield game in March.
They may choose not to release details of the next installment and just go over the DLC quickly?

DeadlyFire3142d ago

Battlefield 3 = Yes
Bad Company 3 = No. Too Soon!

Have you not heard of surprises people. Why reveal them all?

doctorstrange3142d ago

Otherwise they would be revealing it now

MrESteel3142d ago

Withe Medal of Honor and a Respawn game to be announced, I believe its true.

WildArmed3142d ago

Yeah, but with those game (possibly) hitting sooner than BC3, I think they might try to keep the spotlight on them, vs a battlefield game to come in 2012. They might wanna get the hype going for those games, bcoz atm, they have close to none.

SKUD3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

BF2 is still going strong from what I've seen. I play it almost every day and there's always a server to play on. Independently hosted servers of course. TONS of maps and all for free.

tweakedhuman3142d ago

battlefield 3 pc only PLZ..there hasnt been a real battlefield game for a while

Meodia_Art3142d ago

I'd much rather prefer a PC BF than a console BF seeing as we haven't gotten one for such a long time.

gfunkera103142d ago

They just released the last game. So no, there is no way EA is going to announce another. And for me, BFBC doesn't have the stature to be major announcement for a company like EA. Large yes, but not major.

But yeah, there won't be any announcement on BFBF.

Raf1k13142d ago

BFBC may not be a major announcement but BF3 certainly would be.

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The story is too old to be commented.