Online vs Local

Gaming Gauge writes: "Multiplayer has been one of the key features of video games with many genres, such as Kart Racers and Fighting games, being nearly entirely based around the concept of getting a few friends together and having a good time. Originally multiplayer would require multiple controllers and a place to gather but not so any more."

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GWAVE3052d ago

I've been playing MGS: Peace Walker with three of my friends and it's a blast. The local interactivity is much better than online. Even with a headset, I think that online multiplayer is inferior to in-the-same-room multiplayer. I grew up with Super Mario Bros, with Mario Kart, with Tekken, with Goldeneye 64, and no online experience has been able to match those good ol' days of multiplayer.

SpoonyRedMage3052d ago

I tend to only play shooters online and even then I end up not talking at all, people annoy me online.

It is sad that local multiplayer is an afterthought nowadays.:(