Sony: Majority of our games will be 3D in future

Sony has told CVG that the majority of its major first-party games will be 3D in future - as the technology seduces the mainstream.

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Iamback3056d ago

I dont like this, that means there wont be that big of graphical jump, since 3D requires everything to be processed twice.
Fuk 3D, just give us move regular games Sony, 3D is for 5+ years in future, stop stuffing things down our troats

NYC_Gamer3056d ago

sony just likes to be first with the new trends..

Raf1k13056d ago

I remember Jack Tretton saying in an interview last E3 about Sony not being bother about being first with anything but rather being best. This feature helps the PS3 solidify it's position as the best all round entertainment machine.

D4RkNIKON3056d ago

It's called being ahead of the curve, Sony wants the PS3 to be future proof for the time being. That is why they chose to use BluRay format early in the game.

GWAVE3056d ago

PS3 seems like the console to own. It can do 3D, motion tracking through the Eye camera, and then 1:1 motion controls through Move.

yoghurt3056d ago

Not necessarily true atall

for example, Super Stardust HD 2d version has actually improved since the release of the 3D version

yess3056d ago

But if you are not playing in 3D you wont notice...Or am i wrong???

El_Colombiano3056d ago

That's the problem. We won't notice a difference in graphics. Well that's what he said. I have faith in Sony's 1st parties.

redDevil873056d ago

Sony aren't going to alienate a proportion of the market by making games only 3D.

GodsHand3056d ago

A vast portion.

I don't see people running out to buy a 3D capable tv. I know I won't be getting one atleast for another 2 or 3 yeaars, unless I hit the lottery, or someone gives me one.

basicsameh5143056d ago

sony is changing its focus from motion controlling into 3d i think its a risky move


i think they are thinking Move+3D imagine how cool that would be with augmented reality games

boodybandit3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

How did that work out for them?

All I know is I welcome new technology since I am a HT enthusiast and an electronics geek. I cant wait to pick up my new 3D display and get into some 3D gaming! Gaming in 3D (IMHO) is going to significantly add to the immersion.

Protopet3056d ago

"We’re also announcing that The Fight: Lights Out will be available in stereoscopic 3D, combining PlayStation Move with 3D to deliver an immersive and realistic gaming experience unlike anything you’ve played before."

Also, when I went to the Boston PS Blog meet-up, a top Sony guy told me Sports Champions for Move will be in 3d.

koehler833056d ago

Don't panic just yet. Let's see what happens then judge. Killzone 3 is looking pretty sh!t hot and it's 3D capable.

mrv3213056d ago

Why does it require TWICE the processing power? The levels are the same... I don't even think it render two seperate images.

I'm not too sure on this but surely you could do it in a way to increase the field of view and create two images and simply overlap them. Then you only have to render a bit more detail. I'm sure it's more complicated than that, but it's not like it's splitscreen where you ACTUALLY have to render two images, instead your rendering the same image effectively twice... the only dip comes in frame rate caused by the TV's no doubt, the barrier to entry must me the screen has to refresh at X rate and the max frame rate cannot go above that.

No doubt I'm wrong but that's how I imagined the tech working.


yep i remeber a sony person saying basically the same thing that it only requires a bit more power. and on the graphical front i dont think we have anythong to worry about

Redempteur3056d ago

actually you have to render a image for each eye ..

and it's NOT the same image since you have to calcul them perfectly to get the 3D effect ..the rest is done by the glasses

hihosilver3056d ago

its a good idea but wrong time to do it we havent recovered from the recession, plenty of ppl are still in need of a job, many are unemployed.
why would i buy a 3D TV when HD TV are still expensive, Also what if i or a family member sit on the stupid 3D glasses. how much does 1 cost 50 cents......doubt it. and if i invite friends over to watch a movie how many stupid glasses do i need 5+ ....... no wait we will use 1 and pause the TV and pass it around like some kind of Fukn drug. MANY ppl get headaches is SONY GOING TO PUT FREE TYLENOL IN THE BOX NOOOOOO! they wont 3D should be left in movie theaters
lol BTW i hope resident evil 3D FAILS

nickjkl3056d ago

what does a recession have to do with anything

its not meant for the average joe at this moment like seriously i think most of the people that make comments like that only think of them selves and how they cant afford it and try to talk like it counts for everyone else

hihosilver3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

YOUR THE DEFINITION OF AN IDIOT. i shouldn't even reply to you but i will. in a recession ppl lose jobs ok jobs. i hope u arent lost yet? so its a wrong time to put all this money into marketing something expensive to the nation. ok there are other thing more important that sony can use the money for. BTW NICK ur just the idiot in N4g that likes to tick ppl off because u have nothing better to do then read 10,000 comments a day a piss ppl off. its my opinion and some of the things i stated are facts plenty of ppl arent ready for the upgrade, and yes many get headaches. any thing else u wana add u moron ill reply.

Kaneda3055d ago

Sony is electronic company. They make electronic. They make 3D tv. They make video games. They are not going to stop promoting new technology when there is a recession.

In the recession, Not everyone is stop spending. People are still buy expensive cars, or house.

Sony wants to be ahead of competitions, so they are in good position to grow when the economy starts to turn around.

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killyourfm3056d ago

Sony, you need to realize that sometimes it's damaging to be ahead of the curve. (points at PSPGo)

wiggles3056d ago


I got my first HD TV last year....and the living room TV still hasn't been upgraded....

I love having a company want to push the envelope...but give it a break.....There is no way I can shell out the money for a quality 3D HDTV....Come on Sony try to put the breaks on this one a little harder

GWAVE3056d ago

I understand what you're saying, but...

I'd rather have Sony take risks (Blu Ray) than stay rooted in the past and claim that everything is fine.

wiggles3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

Yes I agree,

But I want Sony to have a good product with a huge library when they release the idea...I think trying to promote 3D TV now is the worst possible move. I mean I haven't even thought of looking into a 3D TV I'm sure most of the world won't for another two years or so, being people have just upgraded to HDTv.

I would rather have Sony hold on to it..develop good stuff for it then release it. I think they are pushing it out to early which means it will be a financial problem.

jaredhart3056d ago

They now how to use their game consoles to push new tech.

PS3-blu ray



Kill Crow3056d ago

our super expensive 3D tv or you can't play our games ...

Raf1k13056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

Sony isn't forcing 3D gaming on people. The 3D games will be playable in 2D while still looking as great as they usually do.

The only games taking a visual hit are the ones that are already out and are having 3D added. The games like Killzone 3 which will have 3D built in from the start won't be affected visually.

RageAgainstTheMShine3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

This gen Sony is the first fully 3-D capable home console/video player ever.

Nintendo will answer you 3-D nay sayers with its own 3DS.

So stick it up.

And yes, Microsoft will copy the PlayStation again.

NOTE to those who want to live in the past and enemies of progress:

3-D TVs are even cheaper or priced as any ordinary HDTV .... NOW

GAM3R7l3056d ago

That's great...but I got my LG 52" 1080p plasma for $800. Call me when I can get a comparable 3D TV for that. :)

poopface13056d ago

1800$ for a 40 inch TV???? I wouldnt call that cheaper.

callahan093056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )


That's also a plasma you got for 800. Plasma's are a lot cheaper than LED TV's in general.

Hell, Plasma is even a lot cheaper than LCD (without LED backlighting). At Amazon, a 52" 1080p LCD screen (not LED) from LG is 1400 dollars (counting the in-cart price reduction).

LCD tech is more than Plasma. LED is more still. Once you get into that line of products, it actually isn't much more expensive to get a 3D set at all.

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Convas3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

... but I'm not going to get a 3DTV so it matters not to me. It's just not needed right now. At least for me. I'mma poor student, not everyone has $2000 to fork out for the newest tech specs.

@Everyone: What's going on with the bubble system?

Raf1k13056d ago

The same was true at the start of this gen with HDTVs. They'll get cheaper over time.

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