Sony: We're not abandoning 2D games

Sony insists that the arrival of 3D capability for the Sony PlayStation 3 will not see it lose focus on the users who are not likely to shell out for a new television.

Although the latest update makes every PS3 3D-capable, the expense of a 3D television will obviously serve as a major hurdle to uptake of 3D games.

Despite their enthusiasm for the new technology, Sony insists that people without a new television needn't worry.

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jaredhart3104d ago

but it's still good to hear.

piroh3104d ago

some people can't afford 3D TV

dangert123104d ago

Sony cares about customers?
did't we have this convo the other day?
sony don't care for us the cara bout money
the fact we quiet a few people wont be able wont be able 2 get 3d means if the stoped making 2d games they'd be spending more money on games and no1 would be able 2 see use it

The Wood3104d ago

i think he means cares 'more' than the others about their customers. Releasing a console at such a loss shows a little bit of compassion and a whole lot of cunning and experience

nickjkl3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

danger you know

customers and money go hand in hand right

customers aren't happy we don't buy product company drowns
customers are happy we buy product company floats

Darkstorn3104d ago

As much as I like Sony's products, I am willing to admit that Sony doesn't care about its customers any more than Microsoft or Nintendo. They are simply a corporation trying to find their niche market and exploit it for monetary gain.

But Sony realizes that there is MONEY in keeping some 2D games around, which is exactly why they are doing so. It has nothing to do with empathy for the consumer, but the best way to maximize profit.

(those of you who put more trust in corporations should go ahead and disagree)

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Christopher3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

***users who are not likely to shell out for a new television. ***

Or those who can't see in 3D, whether at all or for prolonged periods of time. 3D is great tech for those that can use it, but it also greatly increases the chances of epileptic seizures and diminishing market base.

I highly doubt anyone will be getting rid of 2D until we live in a world where everyone has near-perfect non-correctable vision.

SaiyanFury3104d ago

I'm glad they're behind the 3D thing, but I just shelled out 2500 bucks for my HDTV 2 or so years ago and it's my main set in the house. I'm not going to spend another 2-3 grand on another TV just for 3D. I've seen 3D and while it's interesting, it's not worth spending that much money all over again on. I'd rather get a set that's compatible with 120Hz rather than 3D.

HOSe3104d ago

not even that i cant afford a 3d tv.... its just lame to wear glasses and play a game... what about people who already have like real glasses on you know? octo eye or some bs. i dont understand why they are pushing 3d right now. why not deliver some more games that run in a native resolution of 1080p...

ReBurn3104d ago

Considering so few people actually have 3D TV's Sony would shoot themselves in the foot shifting focus there. I can't believe anyone would actually be worried about that.

Darkstorn3104d ago

HDTVs have only penetrated about 50% of households in the U.S. and Europe, so it's a bit early to push 3D (in my opinion). I still think 3D will be more streamlined next generation, and of course more people will own 3D TVs.

Greysturm3104d ago

Precisely because hd adoption is not yet complete pushing 3D now means that the rest of the adopters will get a 3D-HDTV instead of an HDTV. Jumpstarting a process that as HDTV data show could take quite a long time to manifest on its own. Besides globally every 4 years theres an event that pushes television buying to its peak so when better to push a new tech than before said event happens its like superbowl time but globally.

The Wood3104d ago

hit the nail on the head. Its how corps work a product into the market. Now some people will just go straight to a3dhdtv instead of a normal hdtv

Darkstorn3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I don't think many people who haven't upgraded to HD yet are going to automatically make the jump to 3D. From what I've seen, the vast majority of people who are savvy enough to even know about 3D already own an HDTV (of course, myself being the exception...).

chulonyc3104d ago

But i bought my LG 1080P 50 inch around 2years ago just to go with my ps3 and i also bought a surround sound system and ill be damned if i buy another TV for 3,000 just because it has 3D capability. Maybe in a year or so when they are around 1,700 if they ever get that low.

zootang3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

There you go $1799 or £1299

Edit: they already got that low

Megaton3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Even if I had a 3D TV I wouldn't wanna game in nothing but 3D. It needs to always be only an option. Never mandatory 3D

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