Ten reasons why you'll go Gaga for DJ Hero 2

GamerZines take a look at DJ Hero 2, revealing everything you need to know about FreeStyle's superb record-spinning sequel.

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darkdoom30003055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I do love lady gaga.

captain-obvious3055d ago

lady gaga and DJ hero ?
2 of the lamest things on earth combined in one thing ??

no thanks

T9X693055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I agree Lady Gaga is just straight trash, but have you actually played DJ Hero? Or you the type of person mock Hip Hop and go "I don't play dat shit yo, hurd homie"? Its a very fun and challenging game and combines Rock and Hip Hop to make some seriously cool music.

EDIT: Actually I should just pull a N4G in a real life because your a perfect example.

Disagree.....Bubble Down......Personal Attack

Sitris3055d ago

Next we will have a Glee Hero

When will it end!!!!!!!!

Myzer3055d ago

Wasn't interested before, even less interested now (if thatwas at all possible).

JasonBloodbourne3055d ago

it'll be the same as the last one! nothing like real dj'ing or mixing whatsoever! needs more underground dance tunes to ever appeal to me.