‘Biggest gun recording attempt’ in Medal of Honor

Swedish studio EA DICE has offered a glimpse into Electronic Arts’ scale of ambition on the Medal of Honor reboot project – with the developer claiming to have attempted ‘the biggest gun recording ever’ for the game.

EA DICE audio director Stefan Strandberg tells Develop that his own studio and EALA spent two days with movie recordists and nearly one hundred microphones to record the game’s gun sounds in the most meticulous fashion.

“I think it’s the biggest gun recording ever attempted – a joint venture with the Medal of Honor team,” he says

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Umbrella Corp3142d ago

"DICE itself is working on the multiplayer component of the game – an understandable move considering its reputation in multiplayer design."

All i need to know to have confidence in this game.

DarkFinalGod3142d ago

mark my words if the SP fails the MP wont.i believe in DICE.i love BFBC2 :)

Rumor3142d ago

The destruction is beatiful also :')

GAM3R7l3142d ago

Bad Company won awards for it's ultra-realistic sound design....and deservedly so. None of that generic canned background noise the COD games all have. In BFBC, everything you hear in the game, is 100% dynamic and real-time.

duplissi3142d ago

I just hope that much care goes into making the single player as authentic and realistic... mulitiplayer well.... its DICE... need i say anymore?

nanometric3142d ago

All I need now is to save up money for a HD595 and MixAmp combo, to really enjoy this.