'Zelda Wii will own E3' - CVG readers

CVG: Earlier this week we asked you, our beloved readers, what E3's game of the show would be. You responded in your tens and tipped Zelda Wii to have the biggest impact.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3104d ago

Okami came out and completely owned Zelda.

Why do we need another Zelda?

Zelda was never really that great to begin with. Conker's Bad Fur Day was a much better adventure title on the N64.

I don't see why a new Zelda would be good news. The Last Guardian is coming out...and you guys still want to play Zelda?!? What a joke.

vhero3104d ago

Zelda has lost its edge since it went 3D

TROLL EATER3104d ago

last guardian will get a silent reception wen its shown on e3. where as new ZELDA well

Edman8883104d ago

OoT remains this highest rated game of all time. They never fail to impress and I have no doubt that Zelda Wii will follow suit.

mandf3104d ago

Leon, I respectfully disagree. Zelda on the nes is still to this day my favorite game. I love the new direction Twilight princess brang to this gen. It is still in my opinion one of the best uses of the wii remote. Okomi is a great game up there with Zelda, but not better. I won't say Zelda is better either. I love okami. Highly underrated and underplayed. The sole reason I bought a wii is for zelda. I was therw for the launch for zelda and the wii. Leon I have played a lot of games and I believe I can make an educated opinion of the 2 games