First 3D Games for PS3: New Video Emerged

Videogameszone published a new video, which shows the new 3D games for PS3. Hint: Click on "HD" to watch the video in high definition.

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knightdarkbox3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

I haven't seen games in 3D on the PS3 so I can't comment, but I doubt SONY will push 3D as aggressively as they are doing if they can't deliver a great experience in PS3 IMO.

raztad3053d ago

Now you are making some sense.

Super Stardust 3D has been mentioned as very impressive showcase of 3D immersion.

Sony needs to set up more kiosks to show off 3D. I want to see it by myself.

Christopher3053d ago

I can't experience 3D, but would be surprised if they went the route of turning the XMB into an optional 3D interface.

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hay3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Can anyone who knows this barbed-wire language could tell if they say something of significance? They don't appear to be very excited.

kfloydchicken3053d ago

... they seem to be liking it.

Unless you mean 'excited' as being a family doing a rave in-front of the TV.

badz1493053d ago

LOL dude, that's just cruel! :P

Death24943053d ago

Or does the guy on the left looks like a German Kevin Butler?

mt3053d ago

i though of that when i first saw him ... he so much looks like him

Maikrobi3053d ago

They say it's cool.. WipEout HD's frame rate seems to be going down and the HUD appears too close to the player. HD Super Star Dust is awesome. Particle effects are very very niice ... Motor Storm Demo-Update is not available 4 free.

The Panasonic 50'' 3D-TV seems to be double-awesome ^^

Death24943053d ago

for the translation bro. Maikrobi FTW

heylo3053d ago

they also said that the stereoscopic effect in WipeOut is very strong (the track really looks like it's going into the TV)

redDevil873053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Dammit. I'm never going to get the full impact from videos like these. If there's a show in London sometime showing this off, i might just go down to see it. I really want to see what its like but its pointless looking at these vids.

About 9/10 into the video...does Kevin Butler have a German son? :O

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The story is too old to be commented.