WipEout HD 3D Patch Up

TheSixthAxis reports that WipEout 3D is all ready for 3D - pop in the game and you'll get the patch.

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deafwing3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

... or expect to buy one eventually. I just got my 1080p flatscreen, and I will not spend more money on a new TV for some time now.

My last TV, an RCA, lasted me 10 years ... an if I can take care of this one (and it is solid enough) I hope it last me just as long.

WildArmed3050d ago

I got my HDTV a year or two ago. I dont plan on upgrading for a LONG time.
Sorry sony :(
I will have to miss out on 3D gaming.. i'll regret it, but it's not financially possible.

Speaking of which, did the 3d firmware update for games already come?
I thought it was this month? or is that 3d movie fw update coming this month?
>.< I'm soo confused

deafwing3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

... also some games already had it built into them (a la Lengend of Han Tao). the fw update should be out soon but some games have been updated already I believe.

WildArmed3050d ago

Ah thanks for the clarification

darkdoom30003050d ago

I can only imagine how awesome this would look.

mantisimo3050d ago

Got a HD tv have to save for a 3D tv but what's next a diddledeD tv.

Have Wipeout HD now I know that hiding in my PS3 is the 3D version but I can't play it. :(

redDevil873050d ago

Warhawk would look pretty crazy in 3D. I still need to buy the wipeout fury pack, that looks amazing.

mrv3213050d ago

Warhawk I loved that game so much.

Bad Company 2 in 3D would be really very epic also.

GAM3R7l3050d ago

...for the 20 PS3 owners with 3DTVs. :o

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