El33tonline Feature - Pre-E3 2010: Predictions for game of the show contenders

El33tonline writes:

"Every year at E3, hundreds of games are shown to over 40 000 attendees over the course of only three days at the LA Convention Centre, each electronic entertainment jockeying for attention from the masses.

Every year at E3, a handful of these games are chosen for ‘Best of’ awards in a variety of categories, such as specific genres, or platforms.

Every year at E3, these select games are whittled down, and only one is chosen to be the best – the ‘Game of the Show.’

Here are El33tonline’s top five picks for potential ‘Game of the Show’ contenders at E3 2010:"

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LeonSKennedy4Life3078d ago

The Last Guardian

Good luck to the other games...but you don't stand a chance.