Xbox 360 rebranding seen in the wild

Looks like Xbox 360's 'Wave' rebranding is definitely happening; art sleeves of Codemasters' upcoming International Cricket 2010 title have been spotted in the wild sporting the new green 'wave' design.

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darkdoom30003106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Rare Wild boxart!?!?!

F**k! Where did I put my Pokeballs!

ON TOPIC: looks pretty cool, better than the current ones IMO.

AAACE53105d ago

Agree and bubbles.... Funny!

DaBadGuy3105d ago

Dont waste a Poké Ball on Cricket, those things are $200 a pop.

WildArmed3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Yeah definitely better than the current ones.

Sony did a redesign on their boxart last E3 if i remember correctly.

It's good to change up things abit ^^

Btw, my personal favorite is duping the master ball to 255 and then spamming it like mad on anything i see that moves! :D

Legosz3105d ago

I like the new PS3 boxart more then the last boxart. But all my older games make my games look off when I stack them on the shelf :(

WildArmed3105d ago

haha! I have the same problem!
The old ps3 cases worked better when stacked.

MastermindPS3603105d ago

ps3 cases dont really fit in my rack...there too tiny :(

BRG90003105d ago

I do like the look. This isn't really "rebranding" though. It's just changing the look of their box art. It's not like they've tossed out the Xbox 360 name and are calling it Wave or something else here.

tplarkin73105d ago

Microsoft won't stop making 360 games, so they need the Xbox 360 logo. But, they might have a new SKU called, "Wave". Wave will be a 360 with Natal.

Tomdc3105d ago

i feel the ON TOPIC heading was unnecessary and that it was all completely on topic :)

poopface13105d ago

Its just some extra green stuff on the top right.

Still the same logo, colors and everything. But now it doesnt say "Xbox Live" on the top.

I like it, but im biased because Green in my favorite color. Id rather have some green on there than the boring white.

I guess we will have to wait till E3 to see whats this "rebranding" is all about.

princejb1343105d ago

if a new 360 comes out
ill most likely buy it as long as the price is good

popup3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

If it is slim and has no power brick then I am going to replace my aged 360 with one.

Talking of rebranding, when the PS2 slim came out in Japan, I grabbed one and GT4. Just found it while cleaning out the room and (in a moment of madness as it was still like new) took it to bits, threw away the drive and plastic and used the motherboard as a picture-like decoration for my console area. Looks good but I feel guilty now :(

DA_SHREDDER3105d ago

Rebranded? It needs to die.

Cevapi883105d ago

looks cool....what if all they did was have the "360" next to the xbox logo leaving the word XBOX would make people more familiar with the logo just like with the P and the slanted S of the PS logo...thats just me...but doing something fresh and maybe bringing out a slim 360 which has only been rumored would only do good things for MS along with potential buyers who are on the fence on which console to choose

vhero3105d ago

No rebranding then they are sticking with 360 name they are ditching live?? Why Ditch Live on boxart that just makes no sense..

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Optical_Matrix3106d ago

Quick! Someone put this shit on National Geographic!!!!

kingdavid3106d ago

Meh looks kinda cheap imo. I like the old one better.

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Cold 20003106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

360 relaunch confirmed. E3 is gonna be huge for the 360.

nygamer283105d ago

bro why you got so many diagrees for???? the ps3 fanboys must be onpaTROL

WildArmed3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

That or the fact he doesn't really have a good history with most people(Ps3 side specifically). He trolls often.

but I agree, this time around I dont see why he racked up so many disagrres.
*here's an agree and bubble* =p
To both of you.

Raypture3105d ago

does he actually troll or is it the fact that they disagre and can't choose anything other than trolling because they don't like his opinion?

Most N4G users can't make out a troll from a non troll to save thier lives

Critical_Hit3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Don't they say that they're relaunching the 360 like every other year? I remember when the new dashboard redesign was called relaunching the system through software. That really didn't make much of an impact. I just hope this year's "relaunch" will be more than just a box art redesign and something more hardware related other than bundling Natal. You know something slimmer...

MastermindPS3603105d ago

i have a ps3 i dis it here and there but love it also.....considering i own one i should be able to say what i want without loosing bubbles but that never happen.....too many young sdf ruining this site

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