IncGamers: BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Interview

Tim McDonald explores the mind of Tomo Ohno, development director at Arc Systems Europe, to discover what what the BlazBlue franchise is all about. In this interview Ohno discusses development of the game, its reception in Europe and taking the franchise forward.

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Djorgo3054d ago

Its a franchise with an awesome art style anyway.

Maticus3054d ago

I'm surprised by the game's reception here in Europe actually. Nice interview though.

AndyA3054d ago

Good interview, got a lot of time for BlazBlue.

Dorjan3054d ago

I have a peanut butter and jelly sarnie today!

Chazmers3054d ago

well aren't you the lucky one? Yeah good interview

R2D23054d ago

I had some oxtail with rice and beans.

greengamer3054d ago

never really got into the BlazBlue series, ill stick to the joys that is Super Street Fighter IV

Chazmers3054d ago

your're missing out its a great game!

CR-Y-SIS3054d ago

Street Fighter is nothing compare to BlazBlue.

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