10 Reasons, why Red Dead Redemption would be better on PC

Red Dead Redemption is - you may know it - only available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. This fact upsets the PC-Community and now they offered Rockstar 10 Reasons why Red Dead Redemption would be better on PC. At first there are the graphics. Second is the better performance and the bigger multiplayer-mode with up to 32 players. Check the link for more reasons.

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mushroomwig3147d ago

You could list 1000 reasons but it still doesn't change the fact that it will never be avaialble on the PC.

Sorry guys but it's time to get over it already.

chak_3147d ago

uh? Just like every damn rockstar game, coming 6 to one year later.

Why wouldn't they?

toaster3147d ago

FACT: 90% of commenters in this article have 4 bubbles.

WildArmed3147d ago

They probably will, once they've squeezed enough sales out on consoles.
They hope for the legit sales on PC when it comes out.. (piracy being the main way to get your game on PC).

Speaking of which, DID ANYONE bother reading the 10 reasons?
Because SURPRISE SURPRISE, they aren't in english.
The google translate doesn't work on it...
So.... why was this article approved?

NYC_Gamer3147d ago

yes it will release on pc in couple of months..

El_Colombiano3147d ago

Yeah this game is coming to PC. There is absolutely no doubt. Just like GTA IV never came out on PC.

raztad3147d ago

To play GTA4 in a PC is a nightmare. The requirements to get the game running just OK, nothing outstanding are ridiculous. A HD 5870 and beyond is needed for getting the game running at 1080p (1xMSAA) dunno if vsynced around 45 fps.

I'm guessing the average PC owner run GTA4 on 1280x1024 (or even 1024x768), mid settings and perhaps no AA and no vsync. Same thing probably will happen with RDR. How is that different to play the game on the xbox (the best version in consoles) or even in the PS3 (which still looks good).

iamgoatman3147d ago

"A HD 5870 and beyond is needed for getting the game running at 1080p (1xMSAA) dunno if vsynced around 45 fps."

That's a load of crap. The reason GTA4 was a nightmare to run was because it was incredibly CPU intensive, because it was a crappy port job. A quad core processor was far more important to that game than a high end GPU, even a midrange card was enough.

I don't know what the majority of PC gamers run it at, it's impossible to know, but I'd bet it looked a hell of a lot better than the console versions, which were a blurry mess.

El_Colombiano3147d ago

Dude above me is right. The GPU meant soooo little in GTA IV compared to the CPU. My laptop with a 9400M G integrated card plays GTA IV at a good frame rate because of the Core2Duo it's packing.

poopface13147d ago

Im sure it would sell good on PC. I dont care if its better tho, I already finished it on consoles. I doubt anyone who really wants to play this, and has a console, is going to hold out for the release of the unannounced PC version.

It would be a good idea tho, as this game is great and PC games would like it too im sure.

I cant wait for the single player DLC.

EvilBlackCat3147d ago

ANY GAME ON PC would be better

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MysticStrummer3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Great... another reason for PC blowhards to comment on a console game... fantastic. *prepares to be educated about how it's preferable to constantly upgrade a computer so all new games can be played at "max settings"*

hay3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Not constantly, every 2 years is sufficient enough to maintain "max settings" play style. Still way more expensive than one 600usd(Example made on recently most expensive console available at the day of release) console you buy and have fun on it for next six years(approximate PS4 release date based on PS3's lifespan).
Some people can afford it, some people like it, some are milking their parents. Probably most are milking...
Every working adult I know prefer console gaming over PC due to costs or lack of real knowledge about the console gaming.
Unless they earn sh*tload of money to upgrade whenever they want, but I don't know such people.

iamgoatman3147d ago

PC gaming can be cheaper than console gaming depending on how many new games you buy each year. For example, I've bought 3 full games so far this year, two cost £25 and the other cost £18, and that's on release. If I'd bought them on consoles you're talking £40 each, that's a saving of £62 right there. Added up over several years, that saving easily pays for the difference in cost between a console and a PC.

You also don't always need the top of the line hardware to play with all the settings turned up, just so long as you can live without having 8xSSAA enabled, even a fairly cheap GPU will do the job. Got a 2.6Ghz dual core, 2GB RAM PC? Stick in something like an 8800GT (£50 on ebay) and you'll be able to play every on high settings, 2xAA in 1080p. I wouldn't call that expensive, and It's how I managed for a couple of years.

Also, you get what you pay for. I built a new PC last year, not just for gaming but because my old one was aging badly. Having a PC capable of gaming isn't just for the rich, I don't even earn that much and I easily afforded it. You don't need some ridiculous 2K Alienware system.

You also you mention you think most PC gamers milk their parents, and that every adult you know prefers consoles? My experience is the opposite, every PC gamer I know is over the age of 18, with most being in their mid 20's, bought and built the system themselves. Whereas most of the console gamers I know are under the age of 18, and actually had the console bought for them. I know this is a generalization that "Kids prefer consoles", but it is much the same as "Only the rich play PC games, and upgrade all the time". Both are meaningless and hold no weight in fact.

seinfan3147d ago

Honestly, are there any fanboys more diehard to a platform than the PC guys? It seems to me whenever they put down the consoles, they aren't trying to troll or be funny. They really do believe what they say.

RagTagBnd4453145d ago

Hmm, there are a lot of diehard PS3 and 360 fans as well on N4G.

cyborg69713147d ago

True that. Bu bu bu we have the best community. Don't get your panties in a crunch I'm sure it'll be coming to pc.

SPARTANVI3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

This topic is about porting RDR to PC. I can't believe you two (Jimmy, Hay) actually bit on his red herring argument/comment about the cost of upgrading a PC. Not relevant.

The fact of the matter is, if Rockstar projects that the money put into porting RDR to PC will have significant enough returns, then they will do it. They did it for GTA, so PC gamers can hope.

I already have RDR for Xbox360, but will love to buy it on PC for my father.

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tontontam03147d ago

It's not just RDR
any game would be better on PC

DarkFinalGod3147d ago

thats true, not any but EVERY game can be better on PC. they just ignore PC for whatever reason.

Raf1k13147d ago

I'd definitely buy it again on PC.

kewlkat0073147d ago

I've been tempted by Real HD Graphics. I had to.

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