Ratchet & Clank (PS3) Game Intro HD

Ratchet and Clank set out for their biggest adventure yet. Look at this beautiful intro.

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StupidTeenagersMust-5422d ago

Wow, the PS3 is a monster. I don't remember the Ratchet and Clank games having these kind of production values; they were great, but this is just off the charts. Ratchet looks furry!! I love how glossy his eyes are too. Aww, so cute. ^_^

Maddens Raiders5422d ago

call me crazy (or worse) but I think this could be a sleeper GoTY. I mean really - it's got a shot; just look a that video again. Gosh!

Kaneda5422d ago

his ears are so fury....I want to pet him....

aquaviva715422d ago

Sony has built this machine called the PS3 to be able to create the most stunning and engaging games on the universe. Sony will release so many games that will surprise even the most xbox lover out there and then of course convert them into a PS3 lover. Its inevitable.

Sevir045422d ago

it's INSOMNIAC games, that makes Rachet and Resistance and Spyro. please re edit that title. and replace incog withe insomniac. true both companies make amazing games but this is by INsomniac, ok buddy. bubbles for you anyhow.

Kleptic5422d ago

ha yeah...Insomniac is making this...and Incognito is making Warhawk...both games of which look unstoppable...and both developers are about as good as they get...but 1st party games will be defined by whatever Incognito and Jaffe come up with for the next Twisted Metal...hopefully...we could hear details by the end of the year if we are lucky...

Sevir045422d ago

Insnomniac are just amazing. i so love the humor here, clank looks so cool while ratcher looks like the silly smart guy, i tell you Pixar stuff written all over it ^^ GO insomniaz. it was a reason why xbox fans were petitioning Insomniac to put this on the xbox360. they all know that the preivois Ratchets where amazing. His fur loosk so really ^^ i cant wait for this sopposed Demo that Sony and INsomniac might be bringing to the PS3 "this week"

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The story is too old to be commented.