Dead Space 2 online multiplayer confirmed

Dead Space 2's online multiplayer is still coming, according to none other than EA boss, John Riccitiel

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hamoor3056d ago

Ahh first bioshock 2 and now dead space....
I rather have a full and only long single player than short campaign and mediocre online multiplayer

Kingdom Come3056d ago

Bioshock 2's Multiplayer had its flaws, but it was still enjoyable.
I have faith that a good multiplayer can be developed for the Dead Space franchise aslong as it keeps the atmosphere, I think a Co-Op wave based mode or survival mode is whats needed.

ChronoJoe3056d ago

This, don't want competative MP in dead space, but co-operative stuff would be very fun, especially when it's separate from the main game, thereby not detracting from the atmosphere.

Parapraxis3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

"I rather have a full and only long single player than short campaign and mediocre online multiplayer "
What makes you think that the SP campaign will be shorter or of lesser quality or the online will be mediocre?

You are making assumptions based on very little information.
The dev team could be larger, they could have a dedicated team for MP alone (like UC2 did), they may have more development time. ETC.

Yes, some games seem to have the MP tacked on, but many others don't. The only way to know is to wait for the game to drop and make your call then. rather than condemning a game 1/2 a year before it's released.

Parapraxis3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

Remember kids, everybody said that UC2's multiplayer was tacked on before release and that it wasn't needed.
Turns out the naysayers were wrong there. UC2's multiplayer is awesome.
How about waiting to at least see some MP footage before thinking it'll ruin the SP campaign or that it's not needed.

Just sayin' ;)

And no, I don't work for Visceral Games lol.
Just trying to be a voice of reason.

cjflora3056d ago

I like how you think your defending of the game means you must work for them. Trust me, that was not my first assumption...

madkrazygames3056d ago

So true bro, time and time again developers repeat their mistakes over and over again adding a multiplayer mode to a game where it's not needed. Adam Sessler said it best "Not every game needs a multiplayer mode in it"

If multiplayer fans don't like it? Tell them to wait for the next COD or Halo.

wiggles3056d ago

Agreed with you hamoor...

As long as they keep the Single Player kickin' ass like the first one...they can do whatever they want with the Multi player.

deafwing3056d ago

sadly that is a rare thing.

wiggles3056d ago

True that.... well maybe if it turns out crappy...they can pull a Devil May Cry 3 and make the 3rd one kick ass (if they do it)

crematory3056d ago

trying to let u stick with their game and avoid u sold/trade it after u finish the single player ,kind of decreasing used games market ,i think so

spunnups3056d ago

100000% agree, multiplayer is nice for a day or two, but because its normally tacked on, its never fun longer than that

AliTheBrit193056d ago

Lol, just what I was going to mention, BioShock 2

Its one of those games that really does NOT need a multiplayer.

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basicsameh5143056d ago

i hate the inclusion of pointless multiplayer in every game

Excalibur3056d ago

Dead Space doesn't need it.

II Necroplasm II3056d ago

Condemned 2 comes to mind...

bloop3056d ago

Yeah, one game that definitely doesn't need multi is dead space. But hey, if you could play as necromorphs and use all the vents to move around, that might be cool. But, that's not going to happen.

Parapraxis3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

I for one am looking forward to this.
Playing as a mutant/alien would be awesome.
I didn't expect multiplayer in DS2, but I welcome the feature!

When considering the quality of Dead Space, I expect Visceral Games to be able to make a decent MP component. CO-OP please!

chak_3056d ago

onoes, don't waste your time on MP :(

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