Microsoft Reveal E3 Public Broadcast Schedule

Late last month, Microsoft revealed an agreement with MTV Networks which would see both their Project Natal and Pre-E3 Media Briefing events broadcast across several satellite television channels. However, today Microsoft have gone one-step further, revealing a commitment to bring each and every event in their Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) schedule direct to the public via the Xbox 360’s official website,

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kevco333054d ago

I'm surprised this hasn't picked-up more heat... does nobody want to watch E3 LIVE?!?

GWAVE3054d ago

I want to watch it live, though with MTV in Microsoft's pocket...*ahem* ...excuse me, with MTV "partnering" with Microsoft, I wouldn't be surprised to see the tiniest of M$ announcements turned into a media frenzy.

NYC_Gamer3054d ago

everyone just watch the stream..

Theonik3054d ago

Gametrailers is live and in HD.

King Hippo3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

I'll just watch it on Gamespot like every other year. I'm sure I will be half asleep during Microsoft's conference though. I'll probably be completely asleep by the time it's over.

candystop3054d ago

I'm sure you will watch it from front to back because we all know PS3 fanboys love everything 360 related. Right now your in a 360 thread so who are you trying to fool? Your comment sounds like pure jealousy plain and simple.

Redgehammer3054d ago

I feel the same way about the Sony and Nintendo conferences. I for one am looking forward to all of E3 and truly hope that fans of all platforms have something revealed that blows their respective minds.

Theonik3054d ago

It's that sale thing right now. It is crazy popular. I'm watching E3 at gametrailers so i can't say i'm bothered.

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predator3054d ago

cool ill be on watching it

Stryfeno23054d ago

I've notice the XBOX 360 forum thread link is not working since yesterday...I wonder what MS is cooking?

EVILDEAD3603054d ago

Unlike the old adage of throwing all your eggs in one basket..they spread out the announcements over the course of the week.

Last, year it was appeared that the Move presentation in it's early beta form was a last minute add-on presentation to counter Natal.

Again, that was how it was percieved..this strategy also allows Microsoft to give their 3 biggest franchises Halo:Reach, Fable 3, and Gears of War 3 the kind of love they deserve.

Honestly, the excitement is normally over by the end of Nintendo's press conference.

Apparantly the big M$ has learned some valuable lessons from last year's presentation..we'll see

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outrageous3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

It is nice to see M$ spending HUGE dollars to promote gaming. I always thought that gaming deserved a bigger show and this is looking like it will be that. I thought the cirque de soleil thing was on Sunday? Regardless, ALL gamers and the whole gaming community will benefit from M$ attempt to raise the level of excitement for games AND for the non-gaming types.

EVILDEAD3603054d ago

I just love how big the event get's year in and out.

It's the Super bowl of gaming..which is why I said all year long that it is silly to reveal your big games and hardware anywhere else.

The competition is going to be BANANAS!


Natal + Natal Launch line-up + Redisign + New 360 name + Any new exclusives that havent been announced

PS3..New Last Guardian footage + UC3 + Move + PSP 2 (with a PHONE???)

Nintendo..Zelda + 3DS + Epic Mickey

Sunday can't come fast enough...


m233054d ago

I'll be watching the press conference on Spike TV. Does anybody know if G4TechTV up here in Canada will have E3 coverage like G4 in US? I ordered it just for E3, so I was hoping for the coverage.