LittleBigPlanet 2 a political tool?

PLAY ponders the political implications of LittleBigPlanet 2, using it as an excuse to poke fun at British prime minister David Cameron

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Darkstorn3105d ago

Obviously Media Molecule wants to poke harmless fun at the new PM.

I say let them do so. If you don't want to see 'politics in games,' then don't take the social commentary at face value.

Slient Knight 93106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

keep politics out of games, for the love of god

Darkstorn3105d ago

I think political commentary in games makes them unique.

Bioshock, GTA IV, and Red Dead Redemption all had massive amounts of overt references to political parties and their policies, and I think they were better games as a result.

Slient Knight 93105d ago

i argee that politics adds to the story and charcters, you could have adding kz2 as well to that good list of games.

i guess what i should have said was keep MP's out of our games unless you can hurt or mock them in some way like Media Molecule has.

wiggles3105d ago

PLAY's magazine is terrible...any one who was surfing pending yesterday would have found that they created a list of the top 20 games for wussies...

Every single fan favorite was on that list..they just want hits...

A change in the wind3105d ago

It can be anything you freakin want it to be. A platform for games.

Dannehkins3105d ago

Looking far too into things. As much as we love Sackboy and his friends over here in the UK, I don't think he had enough influence to sway the UK public as a whole considering the majority probably don't even own a console anyway.

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