PS3 price had to drop, reckons Nintendo bigwig

George Harrison was asked for his thoughts on Sony's decision to drop the price of the PlayStation 3 in North America from $599 to $499.

"I don't think they had any choice," opined Harrison, "It's pretty soon after launch to be dropping your price, but I'm pretty sure they had to do it. They had to start momentum in some form, but we don't think it's something that'll hurt us. It doesn't really affect us, since they're still far enough away."

GamerSquad will politely ignore the fact that the GameCube's price dropped less than six months after launch, George.

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Dr Pepper5412d ago

Well, of course it had to drop. That's why they did it.

Crotin5412d ago

Wow, Nintendo is really starting to sound like Sony used to. It's actually kinda annoying...

Don Carleone5412d ago

in 2 years time when soccer-moms will actually feel the wii is crappy, Nintendo will be quiet again

gleek675412d ago

Why is the wii so popular?
2 things -
1st PRICE. Duh. Sell the PS3 or a 360 for $250 and Nintendo would drop to 3rd in a day and stay there. No games and the RROD wouldn't even be a factor.
2nd Demand exceeds supply which has created a frenzy. We'll all look back on this someday and say WTF were we thinking?
With that said all systems have their merit. Enjoy the fruits of a competitve market everyone.

ChickeyCantor5412d ago (Edited 5412d ago )

"Sell the PS3 or a 360 for $250 and Nintendo"
i always giggle when people say this, if the hardware of PS3 and 360 could be sold @ that price dont be suprised Wii being 100 or less.

people call it an impulse buy, because its so cheap....well i wonder what will happen if the price was even lower?
everyone would pick it up because it would be so cheap you dont stop and think and consider it....its an " impulse" buy anyway, and lotsa fun.
more consoles sold is just a hint for devs to start making games for it.

So saying PS3 and 360 will outsell de Wii if they would be 250 is a bit stupid because you have to remember that if those 2 could be sold on such a low price the Wii would be way cheaper.

And like Scarlett said: on Ebay they are selling them for 450+ so go figure.

kilgore5412d ago

they were quiet when the Gamecube flopped, but now that they're ahead, they open they're mouths

power of Green 5412d ago

From their point of view PS3 is flopping and Sony had to cut the price with a fake price-cut or clearance only months after it launched in a last ditch effort to not be left in the dust.

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The story is too old to be commented.