Xbox LIVE ‘Summer of Football’ Promotion & Free Weekend Revealed

The ‘Summer of Football’ is coming to Xbox LIVE this June, where you can get exclusive offers, deals and discounts on football games, Avatar items and more all month long. And as a Silver member, for one weekend only you can look forward to unlimited access to Gold features such as access to your Facebook, Twitter, and multiplayer gaming all through your Xbox.

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dangert123055d ago

This is like xtival? if so i hope gold get somthing if not forget renewing my gold i've been gold for a hole year and all i got was 2 seans of 1vs100 and online multiplayer that i now have on my ps3(never had a ps3 til recently) why would i pay for xbox live if they can't give gold members anything your better if being silver realisticly theres more to gain

kevco333055d ago

Yeah, it's another one of those types of events by the looks of it, but football themed.