New Footage: Move lets you choose your colour

M2G Writes:

A new video for PlayStation Move has appearred on the internet, it’s in German but it does show some new gameplay as well as some other interesting facts about the device.

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Dsnyder3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Good job sony. Realizing not everyone likes white is something nintendo needs to realise as well.

EDIT:Lol 2 disagrees already? Last time I checked Wii only comes in WHITE FOR EVERYTHING so seriously fuck off with the phantom bullshit for once.

Side note:German is such a weird language. I swear watching that video there were points where I could almost understand it.

Myze3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Besides, this article is talking about the color of the glowing ball on the top of the Move controller. Something the Wii doesn't have the option to change, so the Wii is completely unrelated to the topic, at least in terms of color.

DelbertGrady3105d ago

It's only the color of the...head, I suspect. The grip is still black. Nintendo realized that a long time ago. That's why you can get the Wii and Wiimotes in all kinds of colors.

Optical_Matrix3105d ago

Soda those are images from before the Wii's launch. Silver, Green and Red never came out. I was actually hoping to get my hands on a Green Wii at launch but...that never happened. White it was.

Dsnyder3105d ago


Now I know who to hate.

The Wood3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

please acknowledge

Move is for both casual AND hardcore just like the PS3 and the ps2

The balance will be different im sure but there will be both...Stop being so bitter. the PS was never exclusively hardcore as there are many exclusives that have been casual friendly even from last gen so you farting against the wind here.. When people say the ps brand has MORE variety what do you think it means....surely you're not thinking they only mean genres....please tell me that also its been proven whether you want to cover your eyes to the fact that sony have been working on motion controls for a while now...This isnt some knee jerk reaction although the wii's success may have been a catalyst


sorry, i see ur out of bubbles and i personally hate not being able to reply. seems this new system stifles conversation in a bad way

wages of sin3105d ago

Meanwhile they have double the consoles in peoples homes. The vast majority of gamers are casual. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, already have the hardcore market, it's time to expand. God forbid that that others get to have fun as well, while you play Socom with a sex toy thinking how cool and hardcore you are.

The only people dumb enough not to realize the blatant attempt to copy the Wii are the SDF who claim it's cool because it's "hardcore". Yet somehow Natal is crap. "RED BALL GAME!". What a bunch of posers.

And no, the eyetoy isn't even close to being equal to Natal. But then again this is N4G.

Let the bubble claiming and disagrees begin!

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the_union_of_PS3603105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

quick question i don't know why you guys say this is a "dildo" dildos are shaped like bullets . do you guys have a special one that has a ball at the end that can changes colors ?

Wrathman3105d ago

ok..butt plug then..HAPPY NOW?

trounbyfire3105d ago

cause they already showed that you can change the color of the ball

Raf1k13105d ago

Yep, this isn't news at all. It's far too old.

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The story is too old to be commented.