Business Unusual: Sony Unveils Big Games In Front Of Microsoft’s E3 Media Buyout

E3 is right around the bend and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are planning on wowing the gaming community around with world. The expo has always been a place to unleash the best of the best so expect to be shocked and awed by what will be revealed, hint: expect the unexpected.

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SpaceSquirrel3054d ago

E3 should be great for both Sony and Microsoft.


Nintendo... do they still make games ? I thought they were in the fitness & educational business.

(I am just joking by the way, yes I know Mario Galaxy 2 just came out)

Redrum0593054d ago

E3 better own for everyone hellyeah son.

RememberThe3573054d ago

They'll have Zelda and the 3DS. That's really all they need.

RageAgainstTheMShine3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

" Microsoft has bought out big time slots on all the reputable networks with gaming audiences to broadcast live its major events. They will include its press conferences and the Project Natal experience. G4TV, Game Trailers TV, Spike TV and MTV will all be broadcasting Microsoft events exclusively, while Sony rely on the press to normally do its job."


Expect tons of PAID celebrities
that know nothing about gaming and has nothing to do with gaming
to flood Microsoft's E3 crap.

Sony owns more movie studios and movie franchises that you can think of yet do you see them actors show up to promote or endorse PS3 stuff like M$ does with the 360?

Sony is about the making great games.
Microsoft is about making money.

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outrageous3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Well, come this Sunday, the ONLY thing the gaming community from around the world will be talking about will be Natal.

Monday morning at work people will be saying, Hey, did you see that new Natal thing.

Sony knows M$ has a huge show coming and is making sure that there product is scene as well.

So is Crytek, EA, you name it. The 2 wks BEFORE E3 always has pre E3 footage. Starting Sunday, it all changes.

movements3054d ago

Indeed, but I'm not too sure about Nintendo : (

mal_tez923054d ago

They have the 3DS and another zelda game for the wii.

Sony will have the best one, but MS have 2.

xc7x3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

even though i'm still looking forward to the Microsoft show,er,or is it a circus now? but yeah,most of my attention this past week was those new games showed,that strategy worked on me lol.

dizzleK3054d ago

buyout, good word choice because that's what it is. gametrailers and mtv are about to become microsoft infomercials.

there's a quote from plato that i think applies here:As empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest blabbers.

in laymans terms, the weakest dog barks the loudest.

jjacinto233054d ago

Sony just bite and Microsoft is (just wait for E3)..............why do u think they announced those big exclusive before E3........Note to all Proverb and quote users LOOK AT THE SITUATION FIRST BEFORE USING PROVERBS AND QUOTES

RageAgainstTheMShine3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

" Microsoft All Money and Baloney "

To Microsoft and Ballmer making more money is ALL in the world.

nickjkl3054d ago

obviously jj sony doesnt want to show microsoft up thy want it to be an even field

CWMR3054d ago

Is that your excuse? When Microsoft has a more positive reception amongst gamers and the gaming media you clowns always have to resort to stupid, baseless claims like these, but if Sony receives the more positive reception of course you guys just act like it was expected and well deserved. What a bunch of biased hypocrites most of you are.

Redrum0593054d ago

Fanboyism is everywhere dude, try Gametrailers. There's a little bit of both worlds, but the majority of it's community are unbiased and completely trash on eny fanboy. But there r few times where things get so heated that everyone chooses a side. Wether ms or sony.

huzzaahh3054d ago

Microsoft hasn't had more positive reception since 2006.

wages of sin3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

The weak dog is Sony because they are the ones blowing their wad right now, Microsoft has been silent. Nice try though. You've done the SDF proud.

SpaceSquirrel has it right. Bubbles for you sir.

Bubbles for you as well.

Slient Knight 93054d ago

sorry if my comment seem stupid.

what i mean is both sony and microsoft are all bark at moment sony has show some bite by showing bits of their games already, while microsoft is saving most of their stuff for E3.

MorganX3054d ago

I couldn't take it serious when he said he was looking for big announcements from MS to have a meaningful E3 and then said I'm not talking about Gears 3 or Halo: Reach which will be the 2 of the biggest releases this generation.

CWMR3054d ago

If you don't think Halo Reach and Gears 3 will be 2 of the biggest releases of the generation then it is you who is delusional my friend.

Optical_Matrix3054d ago

Halo Reach isn't as big a release as Halo 3. Nor is Gears 3 a bigger release than games like stop the crap. And did you forget about a little (crap) game called MW2? Had a bigger launch that Halo:Reach and Gears 3 will ever have combined. Please stop with the Xbro proaganda. It's childish.

voice_of_ reason3054d ago

CWMR, reread what MorganX wrote. Let it settle in for a second. Think about it. Then, reread what you posted.

Reading comprehension ftw!!!

In your defense, CW, his awesome run-on sentence didn't help make his point clear lol.

MorganX3054d ago

I actually can't stand Halo. But I'm not about to deny reality. Racing games, no matter how good, will sell systems, but won't ever rule a generation. Too niche, even if its a big niche. Especially if it's a sim.

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