White Knight Chronicles 2 New Gameplay Trailers

A new look at Level-5’s PS3 sequel to White Knight Chronicles.

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RedPawn3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Bad to the Mutha Fuckin Ass, who ever loves this game show me some luv.

Verto Bitches.

This game is a sleeper.


ClownBelt3080d ago

I love the shit out of this game. The online was absolutely amazing and FREE. I cannot wait for this title. I think I've put 150+ hours on this game with 2 playthrough of the story.

MexicanAppleThief3080d ago

Hey I was wondering if anyone can help me? I'm interested in buying this WKC1 but does this game have the japanese voice track? Western voice actors are really cringe worthy and I can't play any JRPG's with western voices.

Many thanks.

Chris3993080d ago

One of the most under-rated games this gen.

About to hit GR 15 today!

If you guys want to run around online, send me a PM and I'll toss you my PSN.

TheHater3080d ago

HOLY sh1t dude. I think I was at GR11 when I started to devote all my time to my senior project 4 months ago. Next week, I should be back on WKC

WildArmed3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

damn bro. D:
What class are ya?
I'm thinking of getting GR 15 soon myself.
havn't played the game since i platted it, so there's alot of new quests i need to catch up on!
Done with RDR finally!

MisterNiwa3080d ago

Just look at it, you can do your own Knight now, and customize it OH MY GOD HOW OSSIM IS THAT MAN?


kingdavid3080d ago

Looks about on par with lego harry potter

knightdarkbox3080d ago

too bad the first game was a bit bland. Hopefully the second will be better!

Chris3993080d ago

Oh wait, you'd need to A.) have played the game B.) have a PS3.

Your trolling is rather peurile and obvious.

WildArmed3079d ago

lol Chris you should know better than to feed the troll :)
plus it's not like you'll get a reply, poor dude only has one bubble :(

WildArmed3079d ago

+Best JRPG i've played this year
There's too much content in this shitty game!

~500 hours.
got the platinum.
GR 14.

Someone care to translate what the hell it says in those videos!
I'll be very grateful!

Please feel free to pm, or leave a reply here!
I'll be sure to give u bubbles <3
(be back to check later!)

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Sigh3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I really hope Sony/Level 5 localize this faster than last time with the first WKC like what Sega is doing with Yakuza 4. I really want to play this game soon, plus it's unfortunately the last in the series!

labwarrior3080d ago ShowReplies(2)
NoOoB1013080d ago

They sped up the action circle thing =D

ThatCanadianGuy3080d ago

So it's true..

We can get out own knight in online questing..
*mind blown*

Good god, i can't wait for this! I put almost 500 hours into WKC so far and loved every minute of it.Seeing all those familiar enemies with a nice graphic overhaul really hypes me up for this!

Really hope it makes a 2010 release.

Ravage273080d ago

man they really spiced up the attack animation and effects this time, 2H axe looks badass!

Redempteur3080d ago

Well it at most lokely will be ready for an early 2011 release and i can't wait either !!!!

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