Madden NFL 08: Breaking Tackles Gameplay

Get yourself on the highlight reel with any of these spectacular plays on the field.

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THAMMER15422d ago

Madden Rocks. It looks allot smoother than 07. I just can not wait to get my hands on it.

hondakidus5422d ago

Now that 2k sports has a football game to compete with Madden again, I think EA will finally update the game to make it better than 07, which was kinda lack-luster. The commentating sounds alot better this go around, I like that.

Dukester1015422d ago

looks like the average madden... but like you said hondakidus, lets hope EA pushes the thought wheel on this one now that 2k is back in the game ( no pun intended )

i still think the best madden was the 04/05 series...

RBlaze5421d ago

04/05 was the best of recent. 06 and 07 were a bit weak. this looks smoother, and hopefully EA will pull their finger out for it.

calidredz5421d ago

The same animations, and not one gang tackle. Looks like we are in for another 65 dollar roster upadate. I may wait for this to drop down on Ebay before I get it, it just has not shown me anything new.