Rock Band 3 to allow REAL guitars

Two new guitar controllers in the works have actual strings where you strum; one is a full-sized, fully functional six-string Squier Stratocaster from Fender. "It can tell where your fingers are based on technology in the neck and the bridge of the guitar. No buttons," Drake says. "While you're playing it, it feels exactly like playing a real guitar," because that's what you're doing.


Pictures of both the 102 button guitar and real guitar controler can be found here:

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dizzleK3105d ago

at this point just play a real guitar and start a band. playing real guitar gets some stank on your hang-low, playing rock band doesn't.

wwm0nkey3105d ago

This is to teach you the basics of guitar, drums and keyboard in a fun way (also BASS)

WildArmed3104d ago

I seriously doubt that any game could replace real music practice or even teach how to play a real instrument.
The past Rock bands/Guitar heros support that.

BUT, I'd love to be proved wrong with Rock band 3

Diamondwolf3104d ago

I'd actually like to point out that playing the original rock band taught me drum basics and by the time I finished RB2, I actually could handle a full set. Mind you, I can only play full songs but I'm not complaining. It taught my ear to hear the percussion on a song and then hit a set and play it.

T9X693104d ago

I would say the only thing Rock Band has done that's actually close to the real thing, is the drums.

hay3104d ago

Those aren't real guitars. Those are stil controllers but this time actually trying to simulate real instrument with strings and frets.

Letros3104d ago

The biggest problem with learning in this method is that you learn to attack notes based on what your seeing, not what your hearing, this happened to a friend of mine who learned to play drums on rock band, once we got setup to jam he couldn't keep a rhythm because he is so used to using the on-screen pattern to keep timing.

I think its a good method to gain popularity for guitar playing, but I don't think anyone should take it serious as a learning platform.

hamoor3104d ago

Chill out it just a game

Mo0eY3104d ago

My brother plays drums. I played Rock Band with drums till I got good enough at it, and my bro was semi-impressed when I played his drumset. I hope Rock band continues to push music to people.

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Jamegohanssj53104d ago

Time to buy another six string then.


Christopher3104d ago

Or, at this point, learn to play a guitar while having fun enjoying an existing past time, video gaming...

I so don't understand the criticism behind molding two hobbies into one or increasing the interest in one hobby through another. It's just absolute snobbery, IMHO, when someone besmirches the concept of gaining interest and learning to play an instrument while playing a video game. I don't see this same type of snobbery when it comes to learning languages, math, reading, or similar skills from video game aids.

xc7x3105d ago

this sounds way more inviting than older music type games.

Corrwin3104d ago

Heh, what will they think of next?

T9X693104d ago

Microphones that enable Auto-Tune :/

djfullshred3104d ago

As a musician, I have always scoffed at these games. But if they had actual six string guitars with a learning mode that helped teach you how to play the instrument, I'd be real impressed.

sickpup3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I don't see anywhere in that article which says I can plug my REAL guitar into my Xbox and play with Rock Band 3. It says that there will be a 102-note 17 fret plastic guitar and one with out button but a touch sensative neck. First, no guitar is only 17 frets that I have seen. Second, its still plastic. Third, without string it will never be like real guitar. I know for the keyboard they said there will be a midi adapter to use any keyboard. Too bad they can't recognize the notes and pitch to translate to buttons from a 1/4" to USB cable, that would be amazing. The only thing you'd have to worry about it being out of tune!

Next step is to supplement the tutorial with lessons. It is also possible to do a second disc which has instructor lessons for each instrument. I would pay more for that stuff to refresh my skills from time to time.

wwm0nkey3104d ago

yes there is a 102 button one then there is an actual guitar, both do the same thing really but ones a real guitar lol

Also the MIDI attachment allows you to attach your own MIDI keyboard or drums

sa_nick3104d ago

There is a stringed guitar coming out. It's made by fender and can be plugged into an amp and played like a real guitar using real pickups on real strings.

Its neck has sensing technology it in that tells the console where your hand is. It's not some plastic thing with a touch sensative neck, also the stringed on has a full 23 fret neck

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