Moon Diver (PSN/XBLA) Debut Trailer

Square Enix's Moon Diver is a side scrolling action game featuring sharp visuals, giant bosses and cooperative multiplayer online play.

The game takes place hundreds of years in the future following the "final judgment." You play as a member of rank A ninja battalion Moon Diver and face off against the enemies of mankind.

Developed by Lost Odyssey and Ninety-Nine Nights II developer Feel Plus, Moon Diver will see Xbox Live Arcade release some time this year.

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dizzleK3054d ago

tbqh it looks pretty bland and makes me angry that there hasn't been a sequel to guardian heroes. guardian heroes, now THAT is a co-op hack 'n slash.

deafwing3054d ago

this game so reminds me of Shadow of the Ninja for Nintendo ... nice.


Endless_X3054d ago

The game is known as 'Necromachina' in the West


KingTavy3054d ago

I'm liking the way it looks, hopefully it plays just as well. Getting kinda tired of buying games that are easy on the eyes but lack fun factor.

SpaceSquirrel3054d ago

4 player co-op? Sign me up =]

KingTavy3054d ago

when I saw that my interest in this game increased. Not too many Co-op games as of late I kinda miss them

Scrooge McDuck3054d ago

yeah ive been waiting for a co-op hack n slash

deafwing3054d ago

yea I was just reading another post with no pics/vids for that title ... still this sounds cool.

dragonyght3054d ago

it remind me of the old ninja gaiden

Endless_X3054d ago

I added a couple of screenshots and a new piece of concept art.

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