Lair: Behind the Scenes Featurette

Take an in-depth behind the scenes look at this much-anticipated title. Don't limit yourself, make sure to check it out in all its HD glory following the link.

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aquaviva715418d ago

Oh ya! this game is going to rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Carleone5418d ago

someone posted the same video from you tube a couple of weeks ago and it got a lot of comment posts.

StupidTeenagersMust-5418d ago

but not at this quality. Lair is looking awesome! Did you see how much was going on at once? Air-combat simulation, ground combat-simulation, lighting simulation, physics galore. Remember when people said PS3 wasn't designed for games? =P

paracardium5418d ago

Excellent.Another must have game.

hikikimori5418d ago

Wow. Looking good.
If the frame rate is steady through out, this game will blow me away.

achira5418d ago

wow awesome video. i cant wait for the game!