FF Versus 13 Multiplatform Rumor: Why Hasn't Anyone Asked Nomura Yet?

We’ve wondered about this since the gaff about this was made a month or so ago. Wada insinuated of the possibility of a multiplatform announcement of Final Fantasy Versus 13, the (for now) PS3 exclusive. People have speculated as to if and when this would be happening (all signs point to E3 as being a good place to make such an announcement, though SE’s E3 lineup reveal doesn’t include Versus). Obviously, we don’t have the “good status” that some of these other sites do (another problem in gaming media), but we can tell them that they should be doing something that they are not. We reported on the mainstream gaming media’s failure to address this rumor, and one particular thing they are not doing makes us very suspicious.

Where in all of this is ANY media outlet calling or e-mailing Tetsuya Nomura and asking him about this?

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NYC_Gamer3052d ago

who really cares?people need to realise 3rd party exclusives are finished..

Dragun6193052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Yeah, Honestly, Third Party Exclusives are pretty much finished and to replace it, is Time Exclusive DLC.

Even if FFXIII Versus goes Mutliplatform, no one should be surprised, just looking at Square Enix's track record this gen. Heck, this E3, Square Enix's booth is right across from Microsoft's booth.

Hopefully though, it stays a PS3 exclusive.

Redrum0593052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Unless ofcourse Sony tied down an exclusive right to the game but I know it's probably too late.

The hell with square enix. They aren't wat they used to be.

badz1493052d ago

they might as well make ONE huge booth TOGETHER and we shall see Wada and Greenberg having a great time together!

radphil3052d ago

Tell that to the other games.

mal_tez923052d ago

Everyone (except people who already own all platforms) would benefit.

Lavalamp3052d ago

Wasn't there an article here on the site the other day where Take-Two reaffirmed Agent's exclusivity to the PS3?

RememberThe3573052d ago

People don't like being proved wrong ;)

NastyLeftHook3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

i hope they do not makefinal fantasy versus 13 multiplatform because the playstation 3 is a more powerful system, and the xbox360 cannot support what the ps3 is capable of, yes, we know about the previous final fantasy not meeting our expectations but i certainly believe that it is in fact the 360's software fault. microsoft paid a whole lot of money to make it multi, they cut things out and it was something less than. i honestly think if there going to make a final fantasy for the 360, please make it exclusive so you do not have to downgrade the ps3. just look at uncharted 2, killzone 2, you cannot tell me they cannot master final fantasy once again. peace.

Redrum0593052d ago

+bubbles my friend, I wanted to say the same thing but I'm trying to build up my bubbles since everyone else is at 4-5 bubbles. And of ofcoarse although your comment is full of truth, many ppl will get butthurt and hit the disagrees and -bubbles like there's no tomorrow.

So here's to you...


Shang-Long3052d ago

nothing wrong with what you said, its your opinion. a lot of people agree with you, no no worries for speaking your mind. but it comes down to how greedy Square wants to be. i mean they got extra money for bringing it on both systems and then the extra sells. great good job you got your money. now see what your group can do without worrying about making two equal versions of a game.

but either way i will get this game. its my number one reason i got a ps3. everything until the release of the game will be a bonus.

badz1493052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

will he even answer?? rumors and speculations come out when the officials won't answer!

NastyLeftHook3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

if im lyin im dyin

RememberThe3573052d ago

Real journalists know the rules of the game.

badz1493051d ago

that's a nice thinking too! they just take the shortcuts! rumor and speculate 1st, ask questions 2nd! perfect recipe for hits!

pinkyxyz3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Just because 3rd party exclusives are done, doesn't mean that people want current exclusive games to become multiplatform. who the hell would want that?

arakouftaian3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

And the only ones that wins when a 3rd party goes multiplat are the xbox
but so far the PS3 have been doind great with their 1 party games.

vhero3052d ago

Because there is no rumour about it going multi platform. A rumour needs foundation like somebody in S-E saying something or slipping up on a website. None of which has happened.

karl3052d ago

at least one good FF game this gen

but oh well.. this isnt a problem for sony. they still have plenty of exclusives anyway..

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Shang-Long3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

well for one i care. i have watched the 4 min trailer of that game for 2 years now. i'm excited for it and i will get it exclusive or not but if it goes multi and extents the development time. i will be upset.

if its not announce at E3 this year then i don't think it will go multi. until after its release. if it does happen.

i'm taking a guess and hoping this years Tokyo game show we will see gameplay.

Godmars2903052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Because he has to answer to Wada?

Kojima doesn't - exactly - answer to whoever runs Konami, has his own company within the company, but Nomura isn't in that position.

Though I think the main reason we have have FFXIII and vsXIII was result of an argument to keep it exclusive.

RememberThe3573052d ago

is because he wants games to be made on one platform. He's said in the past that he believes that making a game on one platform gives the developer the best change of making the best game they can. If you look at his work you can see that is how he operates.

LightofDarkness3052d ago

I'm sure they've tried, but obviously Wada's the main mouthpiece of the organization. Nomura probably doesn't have much to say on the matter, he's probably along the lines of "whatever Wada wants us to do, we'll do."

Sigh3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

We'll see at either E3 or TGS. Unfortunately Godmars and LightofDarkness above me are both right, it's Wada who the journalists should be asking. I just want to see the damn gameplay, it's killing me.

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