Gamespot Names LittleBigPlanet Its E3 Game of the Show

In some ways, LittleBigPlanet isn't so much a game as it is a tool for personal expression; a software toy dedicated entirely to good old-fashioned fun. Through sheer, innovative force and a dead-simple interface, this game resists easy categorization, despite its platformer roots. Thanks to a fantastic showing at E3, it's proven itself to be the most exciting game coming out of the show this year.

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facundo5423d ago

This game looks like it's really going to be fun. It definitely takes gaming in a different but original direction. I am going to buy this one for sure

Al5423d ago

Althought I was kind of disapointed that Mass didn't get any love... I have to admidt that LBP looks like a different, but stellar title.

timmyp535423d ago

bring the demo to the psn media molecule

natsfan75423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

There were some many other games that were some much better than this:

Killzone 2
Call of Duty 4
Mass Effect
Fallout 3
Hevenly Sword
Halo 3 (not really, but I really want it to be good)
Hell, Wiifit was a better choice than this and I think Wii Fit suck

Well, I guess to each his own....I guess if they thought it was the best game, thats their oponion, but how the hell did they pick LBP for best graphics??? Every game listed above have far better graphics than LBP imo*.


Al5423d ago

LBP is really the only game that is TRULY orignial. I mean all the other contenders kind of EXTEND from existing games. But LBP is cool NEW, sorta quirky game that sure is to be a special experience. And Graphics, whats wrong with the graphics? Just my opinion, man

Bathyj5423d ago

Seriously, whether you like the game or not LBP has the closest thing to photorealistic graphics yet. Cloth looks like cloth, wood looks like wood, checkout those backgrounds and tell me that doesn't just look like video.

natsfan75423d ago

To AL- Yes its orginal, but so is Wii Fit (or maybe not, cuase it looks like an Atari 2600 rip-off). I never said it didnt look fun, I just thought there were some games more deserving.

To Bathyj- The Wii fit was more of a joke, something I used to get my oponion across; as I stated, I really think Wii fit is stupid. As for the graphics, I will say I disagree with on that; It looks very nice, but I just dont see it. It may just be one of those case where I (like alot of people do with Halo 3) say I dont like the graphics, but I really mean I dont like the style.

Im sorry if you guys disagree, but its my oponion.

Bathyj5423d ago

It fine to disagree Dude, each to his own. Its only when people get nasty about it or try to shove their opinions dowm peoples throats that pisses me off.

Also I agree with Razer #5
This game is going to change the online community as we know it. Sharing content has never reached the levels this game will provide and its going to bring budding level designers out of the woodwork. Dont be surprised to see real developers scouting for talent and contributing their own levels too.

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Last_Life5423d ago

Wii sells a lot and it sucks...

Why this game cannot be considered the best of the show? (it even doesn't sucks! It isn't very exciting for me but don't suck...)

razer5423d ago

Deserves the recognition. It is a truly forward thinking game and if it takes off like the dev's have envisioned it's going to spawn it's own genre.

It's like the gamers making the game and then playing it and sharing it. The closest thing I can relate to it is the MOD community but it's going to make it easy for anyone to be a designer.

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The story is too old to be commented.