PSN is Live Once Again, No New Features Discovered

After going down for a twelve hour long maintenance, Sony's PlayStation Network is back up and running. When it went down earlier in the day, many speculated that this maintenance was for PlayStation Network Premium, a new firmware update, E3, or was just preparation for the incoming users that E3 will surely bring to PSN next week.

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Leupac3051d ago

I bet a lot of people are releived by that. I got my PSOne classics downloaded to my PSP a little before it went down I guess.

MattyF3051d ago

I think most people will be downloading MGS: PW now with the service back up.

DaCajun3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Wow are you guys serious? It was in another article and in the playstation blog that it went down in preperation for 3D games going live tomorrow. 3 games WipEout HD, Super Stardust HD, Pain and MotorStorm Pacific Rift (free demo)

deadreckoning6663051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Why did people thk new features were being added? It was simply a maintenence check. Unless Sony says it themselves, its all speculation.

Nitrowolf23051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

well lets just wait a while (Like after E3)
Sony has done Maintenance in the past and then a little later posted a PS3 FW update info.

but yeah really who ever thought that anything new would pop up is crazy this happens with every Maintenance, this one is just more special since its closer to E3

So true

-Alpha3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Probably because a few sites had nothing better to write about so they decided to start writing speculative thoughts about PSN going down while vaguely trying to suggest/imply new features. Don't think that any little thing will get past without at least one site trying to spin it into an article to publish onto N4G to get hits. Couple that with all the hullabaloo of PSN+ and E3 around the corner and you pretty much have a typical rumor that gets people's hopes up.

This happens every time before E3 or anytime the PSN goes down. And people are continually left disappointed to see nothing happen.

bloodybutcher3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

like i said in a comment on another psn related article,only thing i noticed is that player profile,trophy list and vidzone are loading much faster.although since noone else wrote about that i'm starting to think it's all in my head O_o

Nitrowolf23051d ago

that explains it, my trophy when sync before would go fast and then slow down at 85% now it sync and slows down at 95%
and comparing seems to be a bit faster for me (there are allot of title to load for me)

-Alpha3051d ago

I want to assert that that is all in your head. You know that PSN went down, obviously for a reason. You see articles implying that there are rumors of an update. You know Sony worked on something for the "maintenance". Most likely it's in your head that everything is loading faster, unless you did a time testing it in a repeated manner.

Happens to me too, I often think something is loading faster or whatever but the mind works in very, very interesting ways.

Also, I doubt Sony would take PSN down for 12 hours just to fix that. They are, I assume, preparing for something, or perhaps, the simplest explanation, they were simply doing their routine maintenance that means absolutely nothing to us gamers.

bloodybutcher3050d ago

hey,alpha!did you just call me crazy?! damn you!:D well, it did load faster during the night,but now it's back to the ol' good slowish.perhaps it was just network traffic.or something.yeah,i'll go with ''or something''

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WildArmed3051d ago

lol I dont think there was anything to 'discover'.

They'll announce it when they activate the 'secret' features.
Just wait for a few days..

diego7503051d ago

That is why PS Store was not working, i didnt knew this. Finally, PSN is back.

Nitrowolf23051d ago

why were people think new Feature would be added right after this maintenance?
just wait till E3

Krugsy3051d ago

Because that's how people are. People speculate on everything. I didn't think there would be anything but people like to incite rumour.

CrawFail3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

All those stupid map things on the UK PSP version of the PSN have gone and there's a PSN Essentials section added on the menu now. Can't see anything else different.

EDIT: Can't even get on the PS3 store.. :(

Godmars2903051d ago

If anything happens, it'll happen next week with the update, if there is one.

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