GamesOnSmash Microsoft E3 2010 Predictions

GOS writes, "The GamesOnSmash staff come back at you with Microsoft predictions for their E3 Press Conference. We really have thought this one out as well as we can. Microsoft hasn’t really showed us anything with Natal except for people hitting big red balls. We know Halo: Reach and Fable III are coming out later this year, but it is in Microsoft’s DNA to pull something out from up their sleeves. Here is a little insight to what we think Microsoft will possibly show at their E3 Press Conference."

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N4GAddict3050d ago

A price drop would be nice.

EXID3050d ago

so would a reliable re-design...

Ri0tSquad3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

They might lower the price of the old 360s and replace them with the rumored slim 360. Similar to when the PS3 slim was introduced.

Anyways, good predictions.

Christopher3050d ago

Doubtful Hulu will make it on either console w/o it being streamed from a PC. The owners of Hulu don't want their programs streamed directly from a console, which is designed primarily for connection to a TV. Yeah, you can connect a computer to a TV and get the same result, but they want to force as many people as possible to rely on watching their programs live for larger ad revenues.

The_Zeitgeist3050d ago

Wow. I never thought of that. You make a real good point.

Obama3050d ago

Nomura specifically told his devs not to program the game to be multiplatform, so unless they gimp the game, I don't see how the 360 can handle it.

JD_Shadow3050d ago

Some of these sites are going to make predictions based on what they WANT to happen, not of what they think WILL happen.

I'm hoping the Versus thing doesn't happen, but a lot of people think it will despite nearly everyone wanting it to NOT happen (seems SE never just LISTENS to anyone that isn't a MS fanboy), and I don't think GOS gave a good explanation about why it should happen other than sales figures and never takes anything else into account there. I would rather them announce a NEW FF game that would be exclusive for the 360 rather than stick a knife into Sony fans' back again.

I do remember there being rumors of MS trying to get a deal with Hulu going, but I don't know if we would see something like that at E3 (though we HAVE seen MS announce Twitter and Facebook stuff there).

I think if MS wants to win E3, they need to give us reasons as to why we should turn on our 360s and not just to turn off our PS3s. Give us a major first party game, show it off like nothing else, and show how it'll use all of the 360's processing power. Rare would be the perfect candidate to do something like that (since we've yet to HEAR from them since Banjo).

CharlesDCI3050d ago

Then if you know whats going to happen its not really a prediction, its telling the future. Since no one can do that you are going to have to deal with speculation and wishful thinking.


JD_Shadow3050d ago

"Then if you know whats going to happen its not really a prediction, its telling the future."

When in my whole comment did I ever say that I was believing that they already KNEW what would happen? I never even insinuated that they knew ahead of time.

What I DID say was that sites will usually based their predictions based solely on what they want to be revealed, not what they believe will happen based on trends and how creditable some rumors are and what is probably being revealed by tightly-closed lips from devs. Some sites will only base predictions on what they think SHOULD happen, not what COULD happen.


madjedi3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

There are countless thing that could happen, could is too broad a term to use, could sony announce at e3 that they are shutting down all their 1st party studios?

Yes they could, ms could also announce that they starting up 20 1st party studios yes they could, is it likely nope thats why could is poor word choice.

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